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    October 14, 2013

    Somtum Der's Tum Poo-Plara, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes

    No. 11: Tum poo-plara from Somtum Der (85 Avenue A, 212-260-8570). At an Isan restaurant that specializes in papaya salad, this one rises to the very top.

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    May 4, 2004

    Gut Feelings

    Paris got purified in 1971. Will New York regret moving its smelly old markets?

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    September 4, 2001


    Millennium Movies Get a Second Chance

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    September 5, 2000

    Picture This

    Thrillers! Satires! Westerns! Indies! Blockbusters! Sequels!

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    December 28, 1999
  • NYC Life

    March 23, 1999

    Commercial Art

    Comme Des Garçons and Tom of Finland arrive in Chelsea