Nicholas Meyer

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    November 6, 2014

    The Top 25 Space Movies Since the Big Bang

    Our film critics didn't come away from Christopher Nolan's space epic Interstellar with much praise, but it did get us thinking about other flicks -- epics, comedies, and truly weird classics -- set in or about the great beyond. Below are our 25 favorite space movies since the Big Bang.

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    August 5, 2008
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    August 16, 2005

    Lore Brothers

    Gilliam mines the fear and loathing in Napoleonic Prussia for fantastic cartoon-Gothic fun

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    March 22, 2005

    Watching the Detective

    Sherlock Holmes lives on—in fan societies, annotated versions, and new adventures

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    October 28, 2003

    Telling Lies in America

    Bad faith is back: a pair of Clinton-era allegories evoke free-floating late-'90s hypocrisy

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    May 21, 2002