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    August 27, 2014


    Awk showing love for every artist, every vag

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    July 16, 2014
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    November 20, 2013
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    April 24, 2013


    This isn’t an SNL skit

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    October 11, 2012

    Protect Your iPad in the Kitchen While You Cook

    We stumbled upon this cool invention for iPad kitchen users. It's called "Chef Sleeve." The product is basically a fitted plastic bag, but if you've ever attempted using an iPad for recipe reference during a cookie-making session, you know that it can get really messy. From their website: Chef ... More >>

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    November 23, 2011
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    November 2, 2011


    An evening with Electric Literature

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    September 28, 2011


    Mike Daisey takes a bite out of Apple

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    September 25, 2011

    Amazon Probably Going To Announce Tablet This Week

    ​Amazon is going to have a press conference in the city Wednesday, which probably means it's going to show the world a new tablet, the New York Times reports today. But the question that looms is: will everyone be dying to have an Amazon tablet when there's already the iPad?

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    August 17, 2011

    De Santos Goes All iPad

    ​There's been much talk of restaurants using Ipads for menus (side note: having perused the iPad wine menu at Compose, we understand the appeal), but the West Village restaurant De Santos (139 West 10th Street, 212-206-9229) has taken things to the next level: Servers use iPad 2 tablets to tak ... More >>

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    August 1, 2011

    Watch a Video of a Girl Walking Around With iPads For Her Head

    Look at iPad Head Girl! She strolls around Bryant Park! She "reads!" Men, and exclusively men, sidle up to her to gawk! At the end one decides to touch her iPad face and finds articles like "Decode Her Bedroom Sounds!" So all in all it turns out to be icky and degrading, despite the fact that the a ... More >>

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    June 20, 2011

    The Onion Wants a Pulitzer Prize; New York Post Puts Up iPad Paywall

    ​In today's edition of Press Clips, our daily media column, the seriously unserious comedians at "America's Finest News Source" do the "I get no respect" routine, kicking off a campaign to score journalism's highest prize, while some more traditional reporters obscure their work, perhaps unint ... More >>

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    May 19, 2011

    U.S. Debt in $1 Bills Would Go to the Moon and Back Twice, Plus Other Useless Facts

    ​"Most people have trouble conceptualizing $14.3 trillion," Reuters reports about the U.S. government's debt. Yes, it's true! (Duh?) And so they have provided some fun trivia, which actually gets us no closer to understanding what a number that big means, but sure does sound neat. For instance ... More >>

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    April 20, 2011


    Party like it’s 1993 and you’re partying like it’s 1984

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    March 9, 2011


    Fine-art photography at its best

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    March 3, 2011

    iPad 2 Will Be a Sex Machine

    ​In the deluge of uninteresting news about the forthcoming iPad 2 from Apple, it's tough for media organizations to find an original angle. For the New York Daily News, the answer is breasts -- the answer is always breasts. "The launch of Apple's iPad 2 on Wednesday left a lot of consumers exc ... More >>

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    March 2, 2011

    The iPad 2 Will Change The Way You Spend $500

    Will It Have Number Munchers?​Steve Jobs surprised the crowd and received a standing ovation at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco today. It was thought Apple COO Tim Cook would fill in for the reportedly ailing Jobs, but the Turtlenecked One was there to announce the release ... More >>

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    February 17, 2011

    Aaron Sorkin Definitely Made a Show About Keith Olbermann

    ​The script for Aaron Sorkin's new HBO pilot, as of yet untitled, has been obtained by Flash, the gossip desk at News Corp.'s iPad newspaper The Daily, corroborating rumors that Keith Olbermann's ego will indeed be growing soon. Sorkin, who allegedly spent time studying both Olbermann and Chri ... More >>

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    February 16, 2011


    Actors read stories from Electric Literature

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    February 3, 2011

    The Daily Praises iPads With Gabrielle Giffords, Gets Bootlegged on Day Two

    ​It's day two of Rupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper, The Daily, which launched yesterday to many tweets. Already, they're dominating the online media conversation, in certain circles, but not just for the 360-degree photographs. This morning, the paper-less paper teased a "touching interview" wit ... More >>

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    February 2, 2011

    I Dropped My iPad at the Launch of The Daily

    ​Rupert Murdoch looked regal. When I got to the revolving doors of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum it was swarming with people frantically operating smart phones, but I saw beyond them, to the screen assembled against the back wall. It was sixteen iPads wide by sixteen iPads high and there, s ... More >>

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    January 19, 2011

    Is Playboy Coming to the iPad?

    ​Maybe, sort of! Hugh Hefner took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the good, if incomplete, news: ""Big news! Playboy--both old & new--will be available on iPad beginning in March." According to its founder, the digital editions "will include the whole magazine from the first issue to the latest ... More >>

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    January 14, 2011

    iPad Newspapers Will Never Be Free, Steve Jobs Commands; Plus, The Daily Release Delayed

    ​Steve Jobs has reportedly decreed that no paid newspaper subscribers overseas shall receive a free iPad edition through the App Store because that shorts Apple their 30% cut, according to the Dutch deVolkskrant, as relayed by AppleInsider. This comes on the same day MediaMemo announces that R ... More >>

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    January 5, 2011


    Clever pianist is on an Apple payday

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    January 3, 2011

    The Dinosaurs Are Coming! RAWR!

    ​For those of us who never really quite grew out of our elementary school love for giant prehistoric beasts, this is pretty exciting. The American Museum of Natural History has just announced a new exhibit, starting April 16, called "The World's Largest Dinosaurs." Sauropods, a special group o ... More >>

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    December 13, 2010

    RezBook Hopes to Become the New OpenTable

    thestar.comReservations of the future​ OpenTable is getting some competition in the online reservations game from RezBook, a new reservation and table management system that uses the iPad (because you can't be competitive in this day and age without an iPad).

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    December 9, 2010

    Adios, Cash Registers. Square Allows Customers to Pay via iPad

    squareup.comiPay?​Cup of pour-over drip coffee? There's an app for that. Small restaurants, cafés, and other vendors are using a new smartphone application called Square that allows them to charge customers directly from an iPhone or iPad. Are the days of cash registers numbered?

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    October 25, 2010

    Why the New York Post's iPad App is Amazing, Awesome, and Completely Necessary (Video)

    ​Remember that time Apple released this thing called the iPad and a bunch of people who worked in media were like ooh I wonder if it's going to save us so pretty wanna touch and everyone else was like it's just a giant fucking iPhone I don't get it and then people went out and bought it? Well, ... More >>

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    October 25, 2010

    Press Clips: Do Not Let Robert Thomson Behead Anyone This Week, Please

    ​VICTORY! for a New York City newspaper, while the rest are going down, down, in an earlier round. A new, familiar byline at New York's Vulture, and a new, familiar byline at AgencySpy. The iPad is still just The iPad, but Twitter is definitely still Twitter. Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast is sti ... More >>

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    September 29, 2010
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    August 4, 2010

    The Observer Gives Conde Nast Digital Good "Blowie"

    ​Yesterday, New York Observer editor-in-chief Kyle Pope squeaked out on Twitter: "Running an unabashedly positive story on the front of tomorrow's Observer. When's the last time that happened?" He won't find anybody who remembers when, because "unabashedly positive" stories aren't exactly the ... More >>

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    July 1, 2010

    Pet-Sitting 11-Year-Old May Be the Perfect Man

    via the New York Times/ Suzanne DeChillo​He's an entrepreneur, he loves pets, he lives in Carroll Gardens, and he earns enough to comfortably afford an iPad. Too good to be true, right? Yes, yes, of course.

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    June 22, 2010

    Gourmet Rises From the Dead (Sort of)

    ​Those who think apps are the future of the internet just got more ammunition--Gourmet will be revived as Gourmet Live, an app that will offer "an ever-expanding collection of articles, photos, video and more about: seasonal foods, holidays and special occasions, restaurants, travel and food c ... More >>

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    June 18, 2010

    iPad Clothing: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest in Geek Chic

    ​There are a lot of people who really want iPads, and some of those people will use items they should probably conceal in order to get them. However, other far less dazed and deficient consumers just want to conceal their iPad -- which is why numerous iPad outfits have emerged from the tech-sa ... More >>

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    June 10, 2010

    Internet Week: Geeks Get Wild (With Sledgehammers) at NY Tech Meetup

    ​New York's week long gathering of techies and cyberlebrities known as Internet Week had its biggest event this past Tuesday, NY Tech Meetup, with over 800 attendees. The event allowed eight people to demo their fresh tech product to the tech community, and while a few of them were a little ov ... More >>

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    June 4, 2010

    Dolphins Can Use iPads! (Flash Unnecessary for Cute)

    ​A dolphin in Mexico has now been trained to communicate which inanimate object he wants to play with via pecking an iPad. According to dolphin researcher Jack Kassewitz of (add to the list of jobs we want): "The dolphin loves the iPad. He can actually make the thing work. We' ... More >>

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    June 1, 2010

    Early, Frenetic Adoption of iPad Leads to Early, Frenetic iPad Theft in Brooklyn

    ​Apple reports that 2 million iPads have been sold since the device hit the market a mere two months ago. Last Friday, iPads finally rolled out for a bunch of jealous countries including Australia, Britain, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. In July, Austria, Belgiu ... More >>

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    May 24, 2010

    Digital Yankee Pankee Outlawed: No iPads at Yankee Stadium

    ​As if it weren't enough for them to tell you when to stand, when to sit, and how much they're going to extort you for the privilege of watching a World Series team phone it in on important rivalry series', the Yankees management is now telling you which telecommunications devices you can (or ... More >>

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    May 14, 2010

    Things We Would Never Buy: The Solid-Gold, Diamond-Encrusted iPad

    ​In items we would never purchase even if we did have the money but that might be nice to see in person, and perhaps hold in our warm arms for just a moment, we have "The Solid Gold iPad SUPREME Edition" (uniquely designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes of Stuart Hughes, a company that's real ... More >>

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    April 20, 2010

    RoundUp: Crime Doesn't Pay, Unless You're Just Reading About It

    ​Here's our Tuesday night crime roundup (complete with celebs, pimps, and Gambinos, for all of you who can't wait for your Us Weekly): Michael Douglas' son Cameron was sentenced to five years in prison for dealing meth and coke. Prior to the sentencing, Douglas composed a handwritten letter ... More >>

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    April 14, 2010

    Video: The iPad's iCat Revolution

    ​Big News! Jen and I just managed to hornswoggle our overlord into letting us expense an iPad. We have big plans for it.

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    April 6, 2010

    Baby Using iPad Glimpse of Terminator-Like Future In Which Babies Crush Your Head With Their Minds

    ​If there's anything that reasonably makes older folk fear the future, it's when they struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of technology. Adaptation, as we know, is crucial to survival. It prevents those younger than everyone else from vetting them out of society via natural sele ... More >>

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    April 3, 2010

    iPad Arrives.

    ​The first release of the Apple iPad went on sale at 9 this morning to the long lines of customers who were camped out in front of Apple Stores and Best Buys waiting to buy them. The hand-held 9.5" touchscreen computers, which can access WiFi but not yet 3G (those go on sale later this month) ... More >>

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    March 17, 2010

    Steve Jobs Gets His Head Sculpted Out of Cheese

    Ken/The Cooks' DenWhere cheese meets cranium.​File under Random, Weird Shit That May Make the World a Better and More Tolerable Place: Someone has taken it upon himself to make a Steve Jobs cheese head.

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    September 29, 2009


    Bushwick block party captures all the senses

  • Voice Choices

    June 24, 2009


    The barber and the farmer in the Dell . . . or Mac

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    December 26, 2008

    John Lennon, Though Dead, Endorses One Laptop Per Child

    This is a good cause -- One Laptop Per Child, which strives to put computing power into the hands of needful children -- but it uses a "voice and video image of [dead man John] Lennon" to promote it. The former Beatle, dead for 28 years, tells us that, though dead, he wants to give every child "a ... More >>

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    March 13, 2008

    Live from SXSW: the Barton Creek Food Court

    Apologies in advance for being one of the many assholes to blog-taunt you from Austin. But if you're into schadenfreude—and NYC, I know you are—you'll be delighted to know that the SOC family-town laptop keyboard committed suicide early this morning, so I spent the last few hours with an Apple G ... More >>

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    November 25, 2003

    Over Hill? Over Dell.

    A Guide to Rugged Laptops

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