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    November 6, 2001

    The Bayer Boondoggle

    Anthrax Crisis Shines a Light on Pharmaceutical Company Thuggery

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    November 7, 2000

    Take a Shill Pill

    Andrew Sullivan Sings for His Drugs

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    May 30, 2000

    Harvard Mafia Lives!

    Andersen Taps 'Spy' Lawyer for 'Inside'

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    January 25, 2000

    Dr. Molecool

    Quantum Iconoclast Randell Mills's Grand Visions of Microscopic Medicine

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    October 12, 1999

    Rise of the Vaccine Nation

    'The New Yorker' Joins the Campaign for a Disease-Free America

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    December 29, 1998

    Zapping the Common Cold

    Viral infections, from flu to hepatitis, have long been considered untreatable. But that's about to change.