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    February 21, 2014

    Which De La Soul Album Is the Best?

    Last Friday, Long Island rap greats De La Soul shocked and delighted the world in the best of ways by putting their entire Tommy Boy-released discography up for free download for 24 hours. Folks who've never experienced the group's output, or perhaps hadn't heard it in a while, flocked to their webs ... More >>

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    September 24, 2013

    Souls Of Mischief Reminisce as From '93 to Infinity Turns 20

    It's been 20 years since Tajai introduced his counterparts Phesto, A Plus, and Opio (aka The Souls Of Mischief) one by one over the intro to "From 93 Till Infinity." Obviously, a lot of has changed since the days when Opio had dreads and Phesto was sporting that crisp Athletics' Starter jersey. But ... More >>

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    August 28, 2012

    Meet The A$AP Mob: Talking To Ant, Ferg, J. Scott, Nast, Twelvy, And Yams

    No city in the world can assemble a musical motley crew of disorderly young gents like New York, although simply forming a quartet isn't enough. Wu Tang Clan, Boot Camp Clik, The Diplomats—we're talking wolf pack numbers. The A$AP Mob's A$AP Rocky has been getting worldwide attention this ye ... More >>

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    August 4, 2010

    Material Hurl: Our Top 10 Issues with Madonna and Lourdes' New Clothing Line

    ​Yesterday, in a maelstrom of glitter and Pixie Stix, Herald Square unveiled Material Girl, their new, tween-oriented in-house fashion line. Their collaborators: Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes. The face of the brand: panda-eyed Gossip Girl actress and the Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momse ... More >>

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    May 5, 2010

    Police Seeking Missing Teen and Her 4-Month-Old Daughter

    ​Police are asking for the public's assistance in locating Roxanne Flores, 15, and her 4-month-old daughter, both last seen Sunday, May 2, at 1980 Unionport Road, Bronx, New York.

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    October 14, 2009

    The 10 Worst Halloween Costumes So Far

    Everyone worries about Halloween costumes that will make your little girl into a slut, but not enough people worry about costumes that will make children and adults look like fools. Herewith are the worst examples we have found so far, cautiously adding that there is no offense to taste and sense th ... More >>

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    September 11, 2007

    Talk to Me, Lou

    Lou Reed hangs a photo show, and other tales of Fashion Week

  • NYC Life

    September 4, 2007

    Trapped in the Closet

    The dubious highs and extreme lows of Fashion Week

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    August 28, 2007

    Vodou Child

    Haitian religious rites in the unlikeliest of places: a Long Island suburb

  • Art

    March 27, 2007

    High Fashion

    Styles come and go, but the glamour of drugs endures

  • NYC Life

    July 25, 2006

    Cat Scratch Fever

    Bitchy doormen, '70s porn, and the paragraph that turned Fly Life gay

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    April 12, 2005

    Goodbye to Charles and His Place

    Nolita's greatest treasure will soon shutter its doors

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    April 12, 2005

    Russell Simmons, Tax Man

    Hip-hop mogul helps young and broke get refunds—for a price

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    October 19, 2004
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    September 14, 2004

    Brown-Skin Lady

    Suede magazine wants advertisers to see its true colors—and spend some real green

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    December 30, 2003

    Compa$$ionate Capitali$m

    Russell $immons wants to fatten the hip-hop vote—and maybe his wallet, too

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    October 15, 2002
  • NYC Life

    September 24, 2002
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    September 3, 2002

    The Swami of Hip Hop

    Russell Simmons Morphs Into a Mogul-Activist

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    July 16, 2002
  • NYC Life

    April 9, 2002
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    January 29, 2002
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    December 4, 2001

    Black Interloper

    Russell Simmons's 'Racial Contract' With Andrew Cuomo

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    April 24, 2001

    Hip Hop War

    The Minister vs. the Mogul

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    December 12, 2000

    Proof of Life

    A Death in the Wu-Tang Clan

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    August 15, 2000
  • Dance

    May 4, 1999

    Funky Nights

    It’s About the Floor