Pope Pius XII

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    November 13, 2010

    Twenty Bucks Says the Pope Can't Even Type

    ​ The picture is via BuzzFeed (courtesy of Blogger Chen) because Pope Benedict XVI had a Vatican conference on culture, telling believers that new forms of communication "risk increasing a sense of solitude and disorientation." So don't have sex and definitely don't use condoms! This seems lik ... More >>

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    November 11, 2008

    Pius XII Up for Pre-Sainthood; Jews Say, No So Fast

    Pope Benedict XVI is considering clearing the way for the beatification (a sort of pre-certification for sainthood) of Pope Pius XII, who held the Throne of Peter from 1939 to 1958. But Benedict indicates he is not unaware that "in recent years, when Pius XII is spoken of, attention is concentrated ... More >>

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    April 27, 2004

    Remembering To Think

    Arendt's silent dialogue: How to fight the banality of evil

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    January 21, 2003

    Secrets and Lies

    The Cleric and the Clerk Who Turned a Blind Eye

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    October 22, 2002

    Mass Hysteria

    Two New Inflammatory Films Get the Catholic Church Hot and Bothered

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    July 3, 2001
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    October 19, 1999

    The Myth of Catholic Bashing

    Aestheticism in the Wake of Catechism is No Heresy