Rockefeller Drug Laws

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    April 16, 2014

    New York State's Long-Running War on Weed

    A U.S. map that shows where pot is legal looks a lot like recent electoral college maps, except instead of blue, the liberal states are rendered in green: the entire West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada), progressive mountain and Midwest states (Colorado, New Mexico; Michigan, Illinois ... More >>

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    May 10, 2013

    Do Big NYPD Drug Busts Just Target the Little Fish?

    A troubling pattern is emerging around the NYPD's recent "big drug busts." Last month, after years of surveillance, the NYPD concluded that gangs on the Lower East Side had sold "$1.2 million worth of coke in two years." On April 12, the NYPD arrested 41 people from the neighborhood, mostly from Ba ... More >>

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    November 13, 2012

    The Big Lobbyist Battle For Medical Reefer in New York Begins

    New York has had the whole medical marijuana conversation for a while (end result: fail) and legalizing marijuana, if only for medical purposes, has its twists and turns here. Even with the roll back of the draconian Rockefeller drug laws by Cuomo, being the world capital of weed arrests sure doesn' ... More >>

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    September 25, 2011

    Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance Responds to the Big NYPD Marijuana News

    Drug Policy Alliance​Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance. Interviews with DPA staff and data from DPA reports were used through out this week's Voice feature, "White Mayor's Burden." We spoke with Nadelmann after the stunning news from WNYC that t ... More >>

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    June 1, 2011

    Mike Bigga Lets Loose

    The Atlanta MC's Pl3dge is an exhilarating, politically charged ride

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    December 8, 2010

    The Drug Economy at Columbia University: A Conclusion

    ​This week, we met Columbia's Drug Dealer Frat Boys, and learned: The Street Price of Cocaine at Columbia University! The Street Prices of Ecstasy and LSD at Columbia University! and The Street Price of Marijuana at Columbia University! So, what's next for the boys? And more interestin ... More >>

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    October 8, 2010

    The Pumpple Demonstrates What Happens When Engineering and Gluttony Collide

    GawkerIt has slimming properties.​While not quite as, um, thought-provoking as an alleged photo of Brett Favre's penis, this is still kind of awe-inspiring: a bakery in Philadelphia has created the Pumpple, a creation consisting of apple and pumpkin pies baked inside layers of chocolate and va ... More >>

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    April 3, 2009

    Candidates for Council, Comptroller, DA Pitch at VID

    Democratic candidates for city council seats in districts 1, 2, and 3, district attorney, and comptroller came to the Village Independent Democrats last night to make their cases, under strict time limits and with screened questioning, for the venerable club's endorsement. In District 1: Pete Gle ... More >>

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    March 27, 2009

    Cheek, in Review: 7 Days of Runnin' Scared

    Get off the laptop, you stupid cat! We have press releases to bite! Radio's George Weber was stabbed to death. His killer turned out to be a mixed-up kid -- a very, very, very mixed-up kid. The Governor started the week with his worst poll numbers ever, then announced the budget gap was worse tha ... More >>

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    March 3, 2009

    Rockefeller Drug Law Reform Coming Up in Albany?

    This week, possibly today, the state assembly is voting on a bill that would begin in earnest the much-discussed and long-delayed reform of the Rockefeller drug laws that since the early 70s have put and kept many minor offenders in prison, which opponents say have been costly and counterproductive, ... More >>

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    February 27, 2009

    Au Revoir Morgenthau: D.A. to Retire

    Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau will not run for reelection this year, says the Times. That's too bad. Morgenthau has served in the office since 1975. His skills were forged in an altogether livelier era of New York criminality, and seem not to have declined with age, as was shown in Tom Robbins' r ... More >>

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    January 2, 2009

    Paterson Grants Clemency to Two

    So far Governor Paterson hasn't done anything about reforming the Rockefeller drug laws that have incarcerated thousands of small-time drug offenders. But he has granted, with lengthy explanations of their backgrounds and evidence of their rehabilitation, New Year's clemencies to Joanne Carroll of S ... More >>

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    October 18, 2005

    Tales of the City

    The 'Voice' bags the bad guys

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    October 18, 2005

    The Miseducation of Elaine Bartlett

    New York's war on drugs held her hostage for 16 years. A story of prison, politics, and one woman's pride.

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    July 29, 2005

    The Next President of the United States, George Pataki!

    If the soon-to-be ex-governor's chances are history, here's what they look like White House, NYS Governor's OfficeRoosevelt, Fillmore, and Rockefeller all made it—but only FDR and Fillmore made it to the White House. The fourth man pictured is rumored to think he can, too. George Pataki's ch ... More >>

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    June 21, 2005
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    May 17, 2005

    The Dragon Lady Runs for D.A.

    Ex-judge Leslie Crocker Snyder wants to talk about everything except her law firm

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    November 2, 2004

    On the Move

    Young progressives are dusting themselves off. Anyone for Congress in 2006?

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    October 5, 2004
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    September 14, 2004

    The People's Prosecutor

    In an Albany primary, a candidate for D.A. attacks the Rockefeller drug laws—and wins

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    August 24, 2004

    Barred From the Ballot Box

    On the anniversary of women's suffrage, a case for letting people with felony convictions vote

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    July 27, 2004

    When Music Moguls Attack

    Russell Simmons gets high on Rockefeller—again

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    June 22, 2004

    A Question of Justice

    Three young men, two coke deliveries, one prison sentence

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    May 18, 2004

    The Reluctant Activist

    One mother's unlikely education in New York's Rockefeller drug laws

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    April 20, 2004
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    March 9, 2004

    Lost Time

    Freedom's just another word for power-mad parole officers

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    December 30, 2003

    Compa$$ionate Capitali$m

    Russell $immons wants to fatten the hip-hop vote—and maybe his wallet, too

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    June 10, 2003

    Movement Hijacked by Hiphop?

    Activists Fear a Compromise on Rockefeller Repeal

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    May 27, 2003
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    May 13, 2003

    Hiphop Takes Stock in 'Drop the Rock'

    Coalition Sets Deadline for Repealing Rockefeller Drug Laws

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    October 29, 2002

    Which Third Way?

    Greens and the Working Families Party Try to Make Progressive Votes Count

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    August 13, 2002

    Just Say Maybe?

    Politicians Posture but Rockefeller Reforms Still Elusive

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    February 12, 2002

    New York’s Anti-Terror Express

    State Pols Ride a Troubling Crime Agenda Toward Re-Election

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    June 19, 2001
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    April 24, 2001

    A Time for Mercy

    Rabbi Gets Probation for Medical Marijuana

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    March 13, 2001

    Seizing the Spotlight

    A Stand-Up Comedian Fights the Drug Laws by Working the Media

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    February 13, 2001
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    January 23, 2001

    Mixed Bag

    Prisoners' Relatives Assess Pataki's Drug Law Reform Plan

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    December 19, 2000

    Life on the Outside

    After 16 Years in Prison Elaine Bartlett Came Home to a City and a Family She Barely Knew. Freedom Wasn’t at All What She’d Imagined

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    November 7, 2000

    ‘A New Day’

    With Silver’s Support, New York Gets Best Chance to Fix Rockefeller Drug Laws

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    August 8, 2000

    Hate Crime Laws: A Costly Victory

    Prosecutors, Not Judges, Are in Charge

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    May 2, 2000

    Breaking Down Prison Walls

    An Organizer Takes His Street Movement to Albany

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    February 22, 2000

    High Office

    Accusations Are Flying About Presidential Candidates’ Drug Use. Are You Under the Influence?

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    February 8, 2000

    The Miseducation of Elaine Bartlett

    New York's War on Drugs Held Her Hostage for 16 Years. A Story of Prison, Politics, and One Woman's Pride.

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    May 11, 1999

    Freedom Fighters

    An Unlikely Group of Prisoners' Relatives Battles the Rockefeller Drug Laws

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    December 22, 1998

    Campaigning For Clemency

    Just before Christmas Governor Pataki is expected to commute the sentences of a few state prisoners. Will any of these women get lucky?

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    December 8, 1998

    Prisons vs. Schools

    A new study blasts state spending priorities

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    May 12, 1998

    New York's Drug-Law Debacle

    Governor Rockefeller started the war on drugs in 1973. His laws have packed prisons, cost billions, and failed to stop the drug trade. On the 25th anniversary, there's new momentum for change.

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    May 12, 1998

    Anatomy of a Drug Craze

    Why Tough Laws Can't Claim Credit for Beating Back Crack

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    May 12, 1998

    Beyond Incarceration

    What Lies Ahead? The Antiprison Movement Contemplates the Future

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