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    July 14, 2014

    4Knots Music Festival: Fun for the Whole Family

    South Street Seaport was bustling this Saturday for 4Knots. Young people, old people, and families weaving through its colorful food trucks and tents and stopping by the small and main stages to check out the festival's musical offerings. Throughout the day, the throngs of people grew, music lovers ... More >>

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    July 2, 2014


    Return to Red Hook for movies on the pier

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    February 26, 2014
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    December 4, 2013

    Five Spots to Celebrate Repeal Day and Repeal Day Eve

    The time has come again to celebrate your imbibing ancestors who fought for your right to party. We're talking about Repeal Day, of course, which is tomorrow, December 5 -- and this year is extra special, because it's the 80th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. Here are five spots where you can ... More >>

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    November 1, 2013

    A Marathon Route Pub Crawl

    We're thrilled that healthy people the world over are going to lace up their sneakers and run 26.2 miles for fun ("Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?" -name that movie*) in the five boroughs tomorrow. We'll be cheering for them. From our beds. The only marathon we're in shape for here ... More >>

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    October 28, 2013

    The Statue of Liberty Opened 137 Years Ago Today

    With most people's minds on the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy (which comes tomorrow), we can be forgiven for overlooking more obscure moments in New York's history. Turns out, today is the anniversary of a long-forgotten event that altered the image of the city forever: On this day in 1886, the St ... More >>

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    October 22, 2012

    Prong - The Star of Palm Beach @ Rocks Off Boat Cruise - 10/19/2012

    Better Than: Watching Titanic while "I'm sailing away / Set an open course for the virgin seas..." (sung by South Park's Cartman, of course) runs through your head. Setting sail for a metal show on the not-so-open seas, concessions must be made. Booze du nuit: Seven (Seagram's) and Seven's (7-up), ... More >>

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    July 9, 2012

    Live: Mamma Mia! Superchunk Bring The Heat To Times Square

    Superchunk, Duff McKagan's Loaded, Upper West, Zulu Wave Times Square Saturday, July 7 Better than: The matinee showing of Sister Act. Originally slated to play a headlining gig at Beekman Beer Garden as part of the CBGB Festival, word went out early last week that Superchunk instead would play ... More >>

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    June 3, 2012

    Space Shuttle Enterprise Will Be Sailing Around the City Today

    Remember when we told you guys that the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the Hudson was being blessed with NASA's non-flight space shuttle, Enterprise? And then remember when fellow Voice-naut Steven Thrasher and photographer C.S. Muncy saw it being flown in over New York? &nbs ... More >>

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    October 28, 2011

    The Statue of Liberty Is 125 Today; Tell Her She Looks Good for Her Age

    Look: No turkey neck!​Happy birthday to our very own Lady Liberty, whose 125 years of standing alone in New York Harbor we mark this very Friday. If you'll recall, the French gave us the statue to pay tribute to American liberty back on October 28, 1886. Now they've ruled against kids eating k ... More >>

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    June 22, 2011

    IT'S WAR!

    Bring your armor for the Battle of Agincourt

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    June 17, 2011

    Happy Birthday, Statue of Liberty!

    ​On June 17, 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in the New York Harbor. It was a gift from the people of France, designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. Because she is 151-feet tall, Lady Liberty was shipped to the United States in more than 200 pieces. Assembly was completed on October 18, 1 ... More >>

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    April 22, 2011

    Man Enjoys Pleasuring Himself to Lady Liberty

    ​There is a man in Arizona who has a certain liking for the famous statue that welcomes the world's tired and weary into New York City. At least, in its human form. Arizona man Kevin Robert Theriault (why do public masturbators always have three names?) "repeatedly exposed himself and masturba ... More >>

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    December 27, 2010

    Wall Street Bull Gets Snazzy New Yarn Coat, Briefly

    via Bowery Boogie​Before the great snowstorm of 2010 got started, Lower East Side artist Olek, who really can crochet anything (cars, bikes, baby bikes, people), managed to crochet the Wall Street bull. Which would have made him a nice warm coat for the snow had city officials not ripped it aw ... More >>

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    September 29, 2010

    Dock Strike Creates a Harbor Still-Life as Boats and Barges Wait it Out

    ​If you can find a good high view, New York harbor is a pretty interesting sight right now. Thanks to the wildcat sympathy strike that began yesterday, there are a dozen loaded barges and at least ten freighters sitting idle between Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty. Over on the Bayonne ... More >>

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    September 16, 2010

    Weather in New York Going CRAZY: Mayhem, Tornado Warning, Loud Scary Noises

    *Not in New York, at least not yet...​Ahh, you guys, did you hear that thunder and see that lightening? Were you shaking in the corner of your cubicle under your desk, scared to leave your office? And without an umbrella or rain boots? US TOO! Now, sirens are zooming past our office, and peop ... More >>

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    August 30, 2010

    Poll: New York City Has the Worst Airports in America. Related: Sky Often Blue.

    ​Things every New Yorker just knows: New York City's airports suck. You practically need a visa just to get there, the process of getting there is terrible, the people who work there are pissed off and hate you, flights never leave on time, with few exceptions there's nothing particularly rema ... More >>

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    June 11, 2010

    Our 10 Best Things to Eat on St. Marks Place in the East Village, NYC

    ​Like the sign says: New York's Best Egg Cream St. Marks Place is only three blocks long, but packs an astonishing 63 places to eat along its truncated and colorful length, some of them nearly invisible. It constitutes one of the city's foremost tourist destinations for the under-40 crowd, th ... More >>

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    May 21, 2010

    Our 10 Best Red Hook Restaurants

    The Washington PostThe dogs of Red Hook await their next tasty meal.​ Red Hook -- along with the Rockaways -- is perhaps the city neighborhood most defined by its proximity to the water. It's been a working port for hundreds of years, its docks curving out into the southern part of the East Ri ... More >>

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    November 16, 2009

    After Crash, FAA Makes New Rules for Hudson River Flights

    ​After a mid-air collision between a small charter plane and a sightseeing helicopter over the Hudson River this summer killed nine people, observers were quick to blame the Federal Aviation Administration for poorly regulating the airspace, letting it become clogged with private planes. Toda ... More >>

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    October 27, 2009

    Latest anti-Bloomberg ad: It's 2021 and Guess Who's in City Hall

    The latest anti-Bloomberg cable TV ad from Communications Workers Local 1180 takes place in the not too distant future and it's All-Bloomberg, All the Time World. Here's the script, against a star-streaked night sky: "The year is 2021. We are entering Michael Bloomberg's 6th term as Mayor of ... More >>

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    October 26, 2009

    CMJ Farewell: Pig Destroyer, Eyehategod, and Goatwhore, On a Boat (Where Else?)

    All photos by yr brave correspondent, who writes: "I got punched in the face but I gave it back worse."​Eyehategod, Pig Destroyer, Goatwhore Rocks Off Concert Cruise, Hudson River Saturday, October 24 The kid in the Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt went down hard, his spindly dark form an inverse ... More >>

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    September 13, 2009

    Order now

    ‚ÄčEllis Island and the Statue of Liberty are opening for evening visits on September 24 and 25 (this, essentially, does not happen). Visitors will also see a preview of Ken Burns' national park documentary for PBS.As likely as not, since this was announced a few hours ago, tickets are already gone, ... More >>

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    September 23, 2008

    ATP Rocks the Catskills

    Reporting live from Kutsher's, starring a loud-as-hell My Bloody Valentine

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    August 12, 2008

    All Points West Festival: Totally Worth It

    Radiohead (and a picturesque ferry ride) make Jersey tolerable

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    August 9, 2008

    All Points West Day 1: Grizzly Bear, The New Pornographers, The Go! Team

    All Points West, photo by Rebecca Smeyne I've never been a huge fan of The Go! Team. I've seen the Brighton-based group a few times before, and I've really tried to like them, but I just can't seem to buy into their superhero cheerleader vibe. I've never been big on school spirit, either. However, ... More >>

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    May 13, 2008

    Please Stop Belittling Toby Keith

    He may be the greatest artist of the '00s. Don't tell the Dixie Chicks.

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    May 13, 2008
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    April 10, 2008
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    June 26, 2007

    Sailin' On

    Bad Brains on a boat—as absurd as it sounds, but thankfully much better, too

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    June 19, 2007

    The Poop on Being 'Illegal'

    Answering your burning questions about the cabrones on your block

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    September 12, 2006

    Fashion Weak

    Tales of fatigue, confusion, and humility from the runways and celeb-choked after-parties

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    September 5, 2006

    Reprint: City of Ghosts

    100 minutes of tragedy that will haunt us all

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    July 4, 2006
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    March 28, 2006

    The Bush Doctrine: 'No Illegal Alien Left Behind'

    A counter-rally in Dallas sends a different message on immigration reform

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    August 23, 2005
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    May 10, 2005

    Polar Eclipse

    Hey, remember when climate change was a swell idea? Coconuts were in the offing.

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    December 7, 2004

    Oh Boy!

    Boy George, photographer, ragga star? Hip-hop karaoke

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    September 14, 2004

    A Dry White Season

    Whoever wins in November, Republican looks swept the Fashion Week runways

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    December 30, 2003

    Shopping Districts

    Buttons, Diamonds, and Cannabis Soap

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    November 25, 2003

    The Art of Noise

    Kinetic French retro-toon and onomatopoeic Hungarian whatsit beat the curse of subtitles

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    July 8, 2003
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    September 10, 2002
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    July 2, 2002

    Independence Daze

    July 4 Is Thursday. Feeling Patriotic This Year?

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    June 4, 2002

    Holy Waters

    Spiritual Life Returns to New York Harbor

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    May 14, 2002
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    December 18, 2001
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    June 19, 2001

    Prize Patrol

    American Fashion Awards Itself

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    March 6, 2001
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    June 20, 2000

    Saved by the Classics

    Bell Meets (Is?) Big Brother

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