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    February 5, 2009

    Hipster Dispatch: The Timbuctoo Scene

    Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives. March 29, 1962, Vol. VII, No. 23 The Timbuctoo Scene Dear Sir: Well, I have made the Timbuctoo, Timbuktu, Timbukou, Tombouctou SCENE. I left a copy of The Village Voice pasted on the wall of my pad there. I rented a pad -- a whole house -- ... More >>

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    December 26, 2008

    Girl-Watching at the Paperback Bookstore

    Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives. September 7, 1961, Vol. VI, No. 46 The Revolving Reader By John Wilcock Apart from their subsidiary function as places to buy books, the four branches in the Village of the Paperbook Gallery have proved invaluable centers for girl-watching, ... More >>

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    January 7, 2008

    Starting Things from the Voice's First Anniversary

    [Here at the Voice we have more than 50 years of archives sitting in our library, and sooner or later I need to look through every damn issue. Now, for some reason, the large, bound archives of the paper, in drab green bindings, start mysteriously at Volume 2. I'm told that the first volume has been ... More >>

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    October 18, 2005

    The Birth of the 'Voice': 1955–1965

    From the Beats to Civil Rights, Lenny Bruce to Warhol's Factory . . .

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    June 15, 2004
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    July 8, 2003

    Manthia Diawara Won't Budge

    NYU's Renaissance Man Contemplates the Fate of the African Expat

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    May 20, 2003
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    March 12, 2002
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    June 27, 2000

    Impolite Discourse

    The Noise Boys Ride Again