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    November 5, 2008

    Mopping Up: Local Election Results Mostly Expected

    There are still some undecided races out there. Al Franken is getting a recount in Minnesota. And Missouri, Indiana and North Carolina's electoral votes are not yet settled. But in New York most things were wrapped up early, and one thing that was quickly apparent was that the State Assembly and th ... More >>

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    October 30, 2008

    Nat'l GOP Gives Up in New York, Says Times

    The House races in New York state have been very expensive this year -- the champ is Gillibrand-Treadwell, which has cost its contenders a combined total of $9.2 million dollars so far. But they're about to get much cheaper -- on one side, at least: the Times reports that the national Republican Par ... More >>

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    November 6, 2006
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    March 9, 2004

    Fighting the Power

    Inside the World of Arm-Twisting, Thanks to a Young Republican

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    January 23, 2001

    New York’s Bush Boys

    Pataki, Sweeney, Powers, Fossella to Prosper in Dubya Reign