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    November 2, 2014

    Photos: Halloween on the Subway

    On his way home from shooting the Twin Peaks-themed costume party Friday at the Glasslands gallery in Williamsburg, photographer Skyler Reid couldn't resist snapping a few photos of costumed revelers riding the subway.

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    October 24, 2014

    Ten Things to Do for $10 or Less This Weekend, Oct. 24-26, 2014

    This weekend, you can visit a haunted hotel or a haunted fortress on the fringes of Queens. You can see dogs in costume or dingoes diving into pumpkins. But if you're overwhelmed by the Halloween spirit, Jenny Slate reads from Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been at BookCourt; a new b ... More >>

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    October 24, 2014

    The Five Best Brunches Near Tompkins Square Park

    While the history of Tompkins Square Park is riddled with tumult, the East Village plot has become an idyllic place for a weekend stroll. You'll catch neighborhood denizens lounging on the grass with a book, and you should stop at the dog run, where herds of canines chase each other and play. The pa ... More >>

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    October 22, 2014


    Celebrate Halloween with pups on parade.

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    September 22, 2014

    Reverend Billy Arrested After Trying to Stop Removal of 130-Year-Old "Bendy Tree"

    Activist preacher and frequently arrested person Reverend Billy Talen took another trip to the Tombs this weekend, this time for trying to halt the removal of a 130-year-old, much beloved, very crooked tree in Tompkins Square Park. As East Village blog EV Grieve was first to report, the tree, known ... More >>

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    September 10, 2014


    How to atone for all that delivery

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    December 14, 2013

    Like it or Not, SantaCon is Coming to the East Village, Lower East Side & Brooklyn

    You better watch out if you live around Tompkins Square Park because come 10 a.m., the sleepy public square will be crawling with brass monkey-breathed Santas primed for a day of drunken revelry. The Alphabet City park is the official starting place for this year's SantaCon.

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    December 11, 2013


    Bring your boombox to Washington Square Park

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    November 2, 2012

    NYC Food Truck Association Gives Free Food to Powerless

    Between noon and 4 p.m. today, the NYC Food Truck Association in conjunction with Jet Blue will give away free meals to the powerless in lower Manhattan and the Rockaways. See all the locations and participating trucks after the jump.

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    October 23, 2012

    Croissanteria and Table Verte Open in East Village

    Over the weekend, the East Village got a heaping pile of Parisian flair. Two new French spots opened for business near Tompkins Square Park.

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    October 22, 2012

    Evita Has Gone To The Dogs

    Literally. This adorable shot is from the Tompkins Square Halloween Parade on Saturday. And already, the Broadway kids are buzzing with suggested captions.

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    October 17, 2012


    Local pups bring the cute

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    July 24, 2012

    What To Look For in the Farmers' Markets This Week: Wild Bush Blueberries

    Identify them by their size. [See More Market Watch: Dear New York Plums, You're Amazing | Shishito Peppers] I spotted them at the Tompkins Square market Sunday: bush blueberries of the type that grow wild in northern lakeside and mountainous regions. They are about half the diameter of regular c ... More >>

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    January 2, 2012

    It's Time To Throw Out Your Damn Christmas Tree Already

    The end of today's non-work day means that the holidays are officially over. Yes, we know that Three Kings Day falls on January 6th but we're tired of waiting around so long for it. It's time to get rid of the lights and decorations and fall into the ho-hum that is winter in New York. So what do you ... More >>

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    October 13, 2011

    What Does East Village Resistance to Occupy Tompkins Square Park Mean for the East Village?

    John Penley, by Paul DeRienzo​For about a week now, there have been plans to occupy Tompkins Square Park, led largely by East Villager John Penley, who has a Facebook page set up for the event, which was scheduled to begin on Saturday with a noontime picnic. In the wake of last night's announc ... More >>

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    October 12, 2011

    5 More New York City Parks Will Get Free Wireless Internet This Week

    ​Earlier this year the city announced a five-year plan with AT&T to bring free Wi-Fi to 26 spots in 20 New York City parks throughout the boroughs. This Thursday, Astoria Park in Queens, Herbert Von King Park and McCarren Park Field House in Brooklyn, Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan, and Clo ... More >>

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    September 3, 2011

    Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Opens in the East Village, Amid Gleeful Mayhem

    ​That's Doug Quint on the left, obviously relieved that the place is finally open (click on any photo to enlarge). A carnival atmosphere prevailed as the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop finally debuted on East 7th Street, steps from the southwest corner of Tompkins Square. By noon, the line stretched ... More >>

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    August 17, 2011

    Sister Mary Therese Encourages Rodent-Human Relations in NYC

    ​Apparently, August is the month of the rat. Last week, Rosie Gray explored rat bites, which, it appears, are down this year, and on Monday, Jen Doll shared a new fan trailer for the rats of Tompkins Square Park. Last year, we established that rats are indeed New Yorkers' least favorite pests. ... More >>

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    August 15, 2011

    The Rats of Tompkins Square Park Have a Movie Trailer Now

    It is human nature to be both disgusted and, somehow, deeply intrigued by rats. Maybe it's just August, but this love-hate relationship is again at the forefront of NYC consciousness, as our ratty frenemies seem to be overrunning Tompkins Square Park even more than usual of late. Not content with B- ... More >>

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    August 6, 2011

    Tonight Marks the 23rd Anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riot

    via Clayton Patterson's Footage​On August 6, 1988, police clashed with protesters in Tompkins Square Park in a riot that lasted early into the next morning. People had gathered in Tompkins to protest the city's proposed 1 a.m. curfew, which Mayor Koch said would clean up the "cesspool" of a pa ... More >>

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    July 12, 2011

    Are Drugs in Tompkins Square Park Causing the Homeless to Flee?

    ​Are the bad old days really back to Tompkins Square Park? The Villager, reporting on "a group of tattooed, homeless young revelers who sip on drinks tucked in brown paper bags and often play music" (they call themselves Asylum), uncovers a sea change of sorts with regard to the city's green s ... More >>

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    June 15, 2011

    Tompkins Square Park Is Missing Its Crusties

    via​Something is amiss in the city. No, it's not the bizarre weather (though wasn't it cold yesterday?). Take a look around. What don't you see? Did you say "nomads?" Yep! You're right. There are no nomads this year in Tompkins Square Park. Well, the New York Times is ... More >>

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    May 25, 2011


    Something to howl about

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    April 27, 2011

    Why I Hate Competitive Eating Contests

    Farm Security AdministrationNipomo, California, 1936. Photo by Dorothea Lange​I was pedaling my bike past Tompkins Square on a weekday afternoon, when I came upon a common sight. A long line of people started mid-block on the north side of the street, and twisted its way around the corner of ... More >>

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    December 15, 2010

    East Village Dog Owners Have Become Knife-Wielding Vigilantes

    ​A rash of pit bull attacks on both dogs and humans at Tompkins Square Park has forced some East Village dog owners to take matters into their own hands, carrying "knives and other weapons" when they visit the dog run now, reports DNA Info. "Other weapons" include a varied assortment of possib ... More >>

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    December 15, 2010
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    December 8, 2010

    East Villagers Don't Seem to Want a Shake Shack

    hespeaks.wordpress.comThe end is near.​After a recent New York Times story about East 7th Street so helpfully pointed out that Tompkins Square Park does not contain a Shake Shack, EV Grieve took it upon itself to poll fellow East Villagers about how they would feel about such a possibility. ... More >>

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    October 25, 2010

    Presenting the Best Food-Related Dog Costumes From Tompkins Square Park

    ​The 20th Annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade was held yesterday, and many of the dogs looked good enough to eat, like this fellow shown above, who is channeling Lady Gaga in her meat dress. All photos are courtesy of Buzz Feed--check out their 25 Best Costume slideshow. Dog a ... More >>

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    October 8, 2010

    "Urban Speaker" Gives Loud Public Voice To Strangers (and Foster) via Phonecall

    ​Getting yelled at by your boss isn't something most people want to have happen to them. But imagine being yelled at by your boss through a public speaker system in a park filled with 50 strangers watching you. That was my reality when I visited "Urban Speaker", a public art installation temporari ... More >>

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    August 18, 2010


    Charlie Parker’s best tribute

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    May 28, 2010

    Fat Pants Friday: NYC Icy's Lemon and Coconut Ice

    ​ NYC Icy returned to the East Village last week with a certain amount of fanfare: Many moons ago, the flavored ice joint first set up shop on Avenue B. After more closings, openings, and closings than anyone cares to remember at this point, it has opened up a compact, bare-bones stall on Ave ... More >>

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    May 19, 2010

    Robert Sietsema at Kenmare; Sarah DiGregorio at Pulino's

    This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema braves the scene at Kenmare, where "the ingredients were unimpeachable, the facile preparation of entrées was a deadly sin." Sarah DiGregorio samples everything plus the pizza at Pulino's, deeming the toppings "undeniably tasty, especially the dryish, concent ... More >>

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    April 2, 2010

    Looking Back on the LES Hippie Explosion of 1967

    ​Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives. January 4, 1968, Vol. XIII, No. 12 A Long Way from May to December by Don McNeill The hippies are dead and the Diggers may be dying. A year ago, neither word had yet appeared in the pages of the New York Times. In 12 months the Lower E ... More >>

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    September 17, 2009

    DeNiro and Lee Have Designs on Your Nostalgia

    ​Reuter's is reporting that New Yorkers longing for a pre-"Rent," pre-luxury condo filled Lower East Side might not have to wait much longer...on television, anyway. Robert DeNiro and Spike Lee are developing the series "Alphaville" for Showtime, which will be set in the Alphabet City of the ... More >>

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    August 25, 2009
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    March 31, 2009

    Callow Youths Hold Unemployment Olympics

    Some folks are holding an "Unemployment Olympics" in Tompkins Square Park today at 1:30 p.m. The event, which includes a Fax Machine Toss and Pin the Blame on the Bosses, requires its competitors to show proof of unemployment and is sponsored by several local businesses. It has drawn much coverage, ... More >>

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    July 16, 2008

    SUMMER OF ’88

    Tompkins Square remains free

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    July 15, 2008

    Scenes from "Let Him Eat Shit" Slacktivist Protest

    The Lower East Side Slacktivists lifted a finger against the gentrification in their neighborhood...

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    July 2, 2008


    Another (yes,  another) cool outdoor film festival

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    May 13, 2008


    Dancers put it down, flip it, and reverse it

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    April 22, 2008


    A party for the new LES bohemians

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    August 27, 2007

    Jon Spencer and Heavy Trash @ Luna Lounge, Howl Festival

    Heavy Trash, "the late night bar band of your dreams," have a couple of upcoming New York dates. Quick refresher. "Heavy Trash have caught me unawares: channelling the humour and hoodoo groove of The Cramps and the Gories, dipping way back in time for the dangerous lilt of Gene Vincent’s ‘Cat Ma ... More >>

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    August 9, 2005
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    August 17, 2004

    Rebel Yells

    Firing up Tompkins Square's radical roots

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    April 20, 2004
  • NYC Life

    May 13, 2003
  • NYC Life

    June 11, 2002
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    April 24, 2001
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    June 20, 2000

    Piss, Puke, and Prizes

    Gross-Out Web Show Sickens Crowd in Tompkins Square Park

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    July 13, 1999
  • More >>