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    July 2, 2014
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    February 4, 2014

    Game Takes the Throne: Meat Dishes for This Winter Wonderland

    Something about heavy snowfall just calls for a hearty meal. Although prime wild game season tapered off about a month or so ago, dining on animals like venison, wild boar, and partridge feels nothing short of primal. These are hibernation foods -- the excessively rich dishes that lead to involuntar ... More >>

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    December 4, 2013
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    June 19, 2013
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    February 5, 2013

    Does NYC Need Elk Burgers?

    Yes, there's a burger in there somewhere. The elk is a mighty animal. Also known as wapiti, it's really a very large species of deer, native to North America and East Asia. Males of the species have magnificent horns, which are shed every year, and these horns are often used in traditional medicin ... More >>

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    January 30, 2013
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    November 9, 2011

    Meet the Bronx Zoo's New Okapi (Also: What Is an Okapi?)

    The Bronx Zoo has debuted its new baby okapi! What is an okapi? An okapi is a "giraffid artiodactyl mammal" native to a rainforest in the Congo, and though it kind of looks zebra-esque, it's actually more closely related to giraffes. The above video shows the new baby, who is the product of extr ... More >>

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    November 1, 2011

    The Ultimate Theme Party Photo Of All Time

    ​ Sometime in the distant past -- in 1988, to be precise -- I had a zebra-themed bash at El Morocco, whose zebra-patterned banquettes gave us the eye-popping idea in the first place. Those were the days when you could arbitrarily decree that people dress a certain way and they'd actually do i ... More >>

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    October 3, 2011

    The Amish Sell Exotic Animals, Are Even More Badass Than You Thought

    Alligators! Elk! Kangaroos and kinkajous! Parrots! Poison-arrow frogs! And an "irate African aardvark"! It sounds like an exotic bazaar in some faraway land but it's actually an auction in Amish country, explored in this delightful piece in The Daily. Here at Runnin' Scared we stay up on Amish news, ... More >>

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    June 27, 2011

    Queens Zoo, Now With More Adorable: Baby Fawns!

    The Queens Zoo has announced that they have four new pronghorn antelope fawns, born to two different mothers a week apart. This is the second-fastest animal in the world, after the cheetah, and the baby versions are not only speedy but pretty freaking adorable. Crowds of screaming children seem to a ... More >>

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    May 3, 2011

    The Bronx Zoo Has a New Baby Zebra

    Here's video of Terri, the first zebra born at the Bronx Zoo since 2003, who recently made her public debut. Collective "awwwww," please. [h/t to @NewYorkology]

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    March 3, 2011

    Baby Anteater Is Insanely Adorable

    Have you ever seen a baby anteater? We didn't know they came in baby! The cuteness is painful. Painful, but in a good way. Maybe the world's an okay place after all.

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    August 11, 2010
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    October 20, 2009
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    September 22, 2009
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    February 23, 2009

    How to Eat Dried Worms

    Our upstairs neighbors recently went on a trip to Botswana and South Africa. Last night, we stopped by to eat some wildebeest paté, impala paté, (both good) and crunch on sundried mopani worms, a staple food of northern Botswana.I once swore that I would never eat grubs unless some saintly grandmo ... More >>

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    January 21, 2009


    A meal for foodies on the prowl

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    December 31, 2008
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    October 22, 2008


    Another David Mamet play comes to Broadway

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    September 24, 2008

    Happy Braai Day

    'Rumors of zebra were greatly exaggerated.'

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    September 23, 2008

    Braai: Both Fun and Game

    Come get your grilled-beastie fix

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    July 29, 2008


    See the beauties and beasts coming to Claire Oliver

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    February 25, 2008

    Gay Nightlife Update. . .

    Promoter Josh Wood has launched Sundays at the Cuban-flavored (and formerly hepatitis-tinged) Socialista, where gym gays stand around and ogle each other's pecs in the semi darkness. Drew Zailen and Akash Abraham have started Thursdays at Ultra, where some outer borough queens plus one big guy in a ... More >>

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    October 11, 2007

    Live: PJ Harvey at the Beacon Theatre

    PJ Harvey October 10 Beacon Theatre I got a ticket to this show for the sole purpose of manufacturing an excuse to post the video above, which depicts fighting giraffes. You need to see this, I think, these giraffes. Given the terse, seething, deceptively placid nature of PJ Harvey’s new White Ch ... More >>

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    June 5, 2007

    Noise from the Front

    For the week of June 13–19, 2007

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    October 18, 2005

    Fifteen Minutes

    Big in Botswana: Nature mag's webcam cuts closer to framing the same than fame

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    March 15, 2005
  • Film

    January 4, 2005
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    December 21, 2004
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    March 2, 2004
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    May 25, 1999

    Dead Chic

    The Killer Trade in Shahtoosh

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    February 9, 1999

    Wrap Sheet

    The bloody trail of this year's fashion must