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    May 11, 2012

    Vidal Sassoon's Last Filmed Interview

    Last month, 84-year-old Vidal Sassoon was interviewed in conjunction with an Atlantic City event that brought together 5000 hair care professionals. Emiliani Enterprises commissioned Eleven Eleven Productions to shoot the above video featuring Vidal and his son Elan at the hairdresser's home in Bel ... More >>

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    October 7, 2011

    Hedda Lettuce, Polanski, And I Rocked The Chelsea Clearview

    Drag star Hedda Lettuce presented Rosemary's Baby last night at the Chelsea Clearview and was delightfully satanic enough to bring me onstage beforehand to talk about my love for the 1968 horror classic. I advised the audience to look for various sitcom regulars who Polanski purposely cast as witch ... More >>

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    June 29, 2011

    My Favorite Shampoo! What's Yours?

    ​I used to adore Jhirmack shampoo because it looked, smelled, and felt like orange sherbet for the scalp! Everyone from Vidal Sassoon to Rachael Ray would have approved. Many years later, I found that Suave had an Orange Smoothie shampoo which was almost as good, and it was only $1.29, so my ... More >>

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    May 9, 2011

    When the Burtons and Brando and Malcolm McDowell Blew Through Town

    ​Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives. June 21, 1973, Vol. XVIII, No. 25 Hype! Hype! Hooray! by Arthur Bell A heat wave blew into town last week. So did Merle Oberon, Malcolm McDowell, the Burtons, Ron O'Neal, Alice Cooper, Marlon Brando, withered endives, chopped liver fro ... More >>

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    February 9, 2011
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    October 23, 2008

    Performances That Should Have Been Nominated For an Oscar

    There are hundreds of great performances through the years that the Academy Awards have strangely neglected, but I like them, I really, really like them! They simply got shafted because they were in the wrong category, they didn't get the right buzz, they didn't ham it up enough, or they didn't give ... More >>

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    July 19, 2005

    Blow Me

    Tips and tricks from the pros to help dry your hair

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    November 7, 2000