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    November 3, 2014

    Try the Irish-Inspired Vegetarian Eats at the Penrose

    The Veggielante is on a mission to spread the word about places to order good meatless grub. Check out this week's pick. Destination: The Penrose (1590 2nd Avenue, 212-203-2751) Neighborhood: Upper East Side Cuisine: Gastropub

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    February 19, 2014

    10 Great Portable Potables to Warm Those Chilly Mitts

    Although we'd much rather stay put with a comforting pot of stew, for folks forced to brave the elements while those clumsy weather gods accidentally drop their frozen cocaine stash all over our fair city, hot, portable snacks can act like edible hand warmers (ed. note -- do not use on feet). Short ... More >>

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    February 5, 2014

    Several Hedge Funds to Sue Big Banks for Role in Tom Petters Ponzi Scheme

    Six hedge funds are seeking to sue JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and other banks for their role in a $3.65 billion Ponzi scheme. The hedge funds claim that they lost a combined $177 million to Tom Petters, the Minnesota-based CEO who was convicted for the fraud and sentenced to 50- ... More >>

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    December 19, 2013

    Zachary Feldman's 11 Favorite Dishes from 2013

    Isaan Thai food, micro-focused establishments, pastry celebrities, celebrity pastries, burgers with buns made of noodles -- this year had it all. As infuriating as the NYC trend machine can often be, the city's dining scene is as vibrant as ever and for that we can only be thankful. Here are some of ... More >>

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    November 27, 2013
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    August 28, 2013

    Pre-Labor Day Cheap Drinks at Hey Mambo, Recovery Room Bar and Grill, and Woodwork

    Before you drop a ton of cash prepping for that pig roast, why not save a few bucks? Here's a look at this week's cheap drink specials--all of which can help you save a bit to bring home the bacon:

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    June 28, 2013

    Cocktail Lounge Vinus and Marc Opens in the UES

    When Frank Locker returned home to Yorkville, the neighborhood where he spent his childhood, his search for a comfortable place to enjoy a drink came up empty, and he notes he "personally couldn't go find a place to hang out." So the previous owner of Tribeca's well known jazz joint Duane Park and G ... More >>

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    June 3, 2013

    What We Talk About When Quinn Talks About "Environmental Racism"

    Another week, another opportunity for the mayoral race to turn up the volume on its candidate-baiting side-chatter. The latest dealt with a comment Christine Quinn made last Thursday, when she responded to candidate Bill Thompson's decision to support a group of Upper East Siders lobbying to overtur ... More >>

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    February 5, 2013

    Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Nutella Day in New York

    In a gift from the heavens, today, February 5 is World Nutella Day. New York is teeming with sweet snacks that highlight Europe's chocolate hazelnut spread, and these five dishes will leave you satisfied with chocolate-y goodness until next year's World Nutella Day.

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    November 21, 2012
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    July 6, 2012

    10 Best Pastry Shops in New York

    [See More of Our 10 Best: Incredibly Cheap Eats in New York | Best Ice Creams in NYC | Best Lamb Dishes in NYC] First, a complaint: we have way too many fantastic pastry shops in New York, and highlighting so few means some greatness is sure be excluded. But here are 10 delightful places to go eat ... More >>

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    June 29, 2012

    10 Best Incredibly Cheap Eats in New York

    Get this Korean fried assortment for less than $5 at Boon Sik Zip. [ See More of Our 10 Bests in New York: Our 10 Best Ice Creams in NYC | Our 10 Best Lamb Dishes in NYC | Our 10 Best Cheap Eats for Tourists in the East Village ] Despite the upscaling of restaurants in general, and common foodstu ... More >>

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    January 24, 2012

    Presenting the Most and Least Compatible New York City Neighborhoods

    According to data released to us by OkCupid, some New York City neighborhoods are more likely to make connections on the dating site than others. This may seem intuitive in some ways, but it's better to know these things for sure, right? After all, just like that map that tells us where the single m ... More >>

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    November 28, 2011

    How to Be a New Yorker: Excerpts from the Memoir of Les Rich

    In my story in the Voice last week, inspired by Joan and Leslie Rich's 1964 book, How to Be a New Yorker, I talked to longtime New Yorkers, former New Yorkers, new New Yorkers, and even a few people who've never lived in this town, about what they think it takes to be "a real New Yorker." As expecte ... More >>

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    November 23, 2011
  • Home

    October 26, 2011
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    July 13, 2011

    Jones Wood Foundry Puts Some English On It

    Bubble and squeak your way through a new Yorkville gastropub

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    July 13, 2011

    This Week in the Voice: 4Knots Music Festival Preview

    ​This week in the Voice: It's the preview issue for our 4Knots Music Festival, set to take place July 16 at South Street Seaport! Maura Johnston previews the lineup, which includes the Black Angels, Titus Andronicus, Oberhofer, Eleanor Friedberger, Mr. Dream, and Davila 666. She also muses on ... More >>

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    March 22, 2011

    10 Postcards of Long-Forgotten NYC Restaurants​1. Divan Parisien Restaurant, 33 East 48th Street - Even to its frequenters, the meaning of "Divan" was somewhat unclear. Some said it was French for "meeting place," others claimed it was Turkish and referred to the furniture of the Sultan's palace. Others took it to mean, as "div ... More >>

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    February 4, 2011

    Hot Dog Ménage à Trois: a Battle of the Dishes Three-Way Sausage Fest!

    Victoria BekiempisPapaya King goes dogging.​ Sometime in the late 1930s, a fruit-loving Greek busted ass on a pair of roller skates. The young Yorkville businessman, you see, was trying to impress a neighborhood chick, but wound up mangling his ankle instead, continuing the tradition of grisly ... More >>

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    January 5, 2011
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    November 24, 2010

    Szechuan Chalet Does Uptown Chinese Darn Well

    We slalom the menu with Dr. John

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    November 15, 2010

    Apple Soup Takes Wing

    Victoria BekiempisSpritely!​ Several rosy-cheeked, curly-headed cherubs suddenly find themselves sleepy and hungry. Their wings ache, and their music has slowed -- they've told their boss they need a break from the ever-intense routine of harp-song and meadow frolicking. So he tells them to ... More >>

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    November 10, 2010

    Mermaids on the Horn to Naruto Ramen

    Victoria BekiempisThe last sight an octopus wants to see​ Food rarely prompts deep, existential questions about mermaids. But Naruto Ramen's takoyaki leaves you with a philosophic doozy: Would these mythic, beautiful creatures ever serve it at a black-tie event? The Yorkville noodle house's s ... More >>

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    November 4, 2010

    Midnight Express's Rice Pudding and Nutella Sundae Is Not the Kind They Serve in a Turkish Prison

    Victoria BekiempisYour Yorkviille dealer​ Right off the bat, the menu listing suggests excess and abandon. At Midnight Express, the advertised rice pudding and Nutella sundae conjures images of fudge-and-yogurt-dipped rock candy, as well as sudden cardiac arrest.

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    August 5, 2010

    Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup From Yorkville Meat Emporium

    Almost as good as air conditioning​The Hungarian Yorkville Meat Emporium on the Upper East Side has a refrigerator filled with all sorts of homemade soups and stews, from goulash to clam chowder. But most appealing on a hot day is the traditional Hungarian cold sour cherry soup, or hideg meggy ... More >>

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    March 26, 2010

    Staten Island's Talay Thai Plans Monolithic Leap to Yorkville

    yummiec00kies/FlickrMore pad thai for the Upper East Side.​It's not often that Manhattan gets a Staten Island import -- Artichoke has been the only place in recent memory to even vaguely fit the bill -- but that isn't stopping Talay Thai from making grand plans to tear it up in Yorkville. Crai ... More >>

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    February 16, 2010

    'Til Murder Do Us Part: A Familial Tale of Death, Dementia, and Drama

    Growing old without dignity: Uncle Paul killed Aunt Helen and then tried to kill himself. They were already dead to most of us.

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    December 10, 2009

    A Third Location of Blossom to Open on the Upper East Side Next Week

    One of Blossom's soon-to-be three locations.​ Vegan empire builder Pamela Blackwell, who has two outposts of Blossom restaurant and the new Cocoa V vegan chocolate bar to her name, is about to add another location of Blossom to her portfolio.

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    September 8, 2009

    2nd Avenue Subway Evicted Tenants Not Feeling the Alleged Drop in Manhattan Rents

    We keep hearing that Manhattan rents are down significantly, but the folks who are being eminent-domained out of their homes to make way for the new Second Avenue Subway line aren't seeing it. The Times talks to several who've worked with the MTA and its realty partner O. R. Colan Associates, and ... More >>

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    June 16, 2009

    Clip Job: No Pity For Dying Newspapers

    Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archivesJanuary 9, 1964, Vol. IX, No. 12Hopeless NewsmenDear Sir:Mr. Paneth's poking about in the ashes of the dead Mirror (January 2) reminds me of what the late A.J. Liebling wrote: "The end-of-a-newspaper story has become one of the commonplaces of ou ... More >>

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    June 15, 2009

    Clip Job: The Death of the Daily Newspaper

    Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archivesJanuary 2, 1964, Vol. IX, No. 11Postscript to '30'By Donald PanethA newspaper is a lively, amicable place of employment, and the city room with its atmospheres of excitement, legitimate urgency, and yet easygoing traditions, the center of its eff ... More >>

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    April 15, 2008

    Preparing for the Pope

    The arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States has been receiving a ton of media coverage in the city. It makes sense: we have a pretty decent Catholic population, and the pope is spending three days here, including a trip to Ground Zero and celebrating a mass in Yankee Stadium (the un-cursed ... More >>

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    November 14, 2007
  • Film

    September 12, 2006

    Toronto Confidential

    Mob scenes and murders: An action-packed installment of an all-encompassing festival

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    July 25, 2006

    Dumping on Everyone Else

    Trash plan relieves our neighborhoods, but west of the Hudson, it's just more of the same old garbage from New York City

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    April 25, 2006
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    November 25, 2003

    Hot for Santa

    A brief but startling history of the chocolate Santa Claus

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    March 18, 2003
  • NYC Life

    November 26, 2002
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    October 30, 2001

    Take It or Leave It, Mark Green

    Brooklyn Assemblyman Roger Green’s Challenge to a Turncoat Liberal

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    February 22, 2000

    Gratuities Included

    Among New York’s Wheel Greasers and Palm Ticklers, Real Estate Types Lead the Pack

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    May 11, 1999
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    September 15, 1998

    Native Son

    Ginky SanSouci Dives Into the Deep End of Pool