Zeitgeist Films Ltd.

  • Columns

    July 2, 2008

    Gene Simmons and the Whores He Admires

    Kiss-and-makeup with Simmons; trophy-boy update; chats in the middle of the Maddin crowd

  • Film

    June 24, 2008

    Zeitgeist's Art-House Anniversary

    Celebrating 20 years of cautious distribution

  • Film

    August 21, 2007

    Crowded House

    More movies, fewer screens, and a new game in town means cutthroat competition for indie-film distributors

  • Screens

    June 12, 2007

    From Mongolia or Outer Space?

    Idiosyncratic sci-fi films Sans Soleil and La Jetée hit DVD. Plus, good directors gone bad and bad directors gone worse.

  • NYC Life

    July 20, 2004

    Speak Easy

    How could you turn this into a laundry room! Oh, don't! That's terrible!

  • News

    September 19, 2000

    Sweet Release

    Distributing the Art-House Wealth on the Cheap

  • Film

    April 13, 1999

    Autonomy Lessons

    Paying the Price of Independence

  • Film

    September 1, 1998