10 Best Dive Bars in New York, 2013 Edition

10 Best Dive Bars in New York, 2013 Edition

Everyone has a favorite dive bar. The best ones are cheap, sticky, and unpretentious, with questionable bathrooms and a rogues' gallery of regulars. They make perfect spots to talk to strangers, get in fights, or bury a broken heart. Some of the greatest holes-in-the-wall have been shuttered — Mars Bar is a thing of the past and beloved Sunny's in Red Hook is still struggling to reopen after Hurricane Sandy (though it raised over $30,000 from Kickstarter donations). But instead of mourning, we can keep the city's dive bar culture alive by drinking. Here are ten places to start.

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10 Best Dive Bars in New York, 2013 Edition
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Horseshoe Bar Through an arched door on Avenue B is a bar that goes by three names: Horseshoe, 7B, or Vazacs. Customers can start ordering signature Bloody Marys at noon; come nighttime, the pinball machines whiz while regulars line up at the coveted Big Buck Hunter machine. Order a "Dude" shot — Mountain Dew-flavored vodka — and cue up Motörhead on the jukebox. 108 Ave. B

Sophie's Sophie's got press when Anthony Bourdain stopped by on an episode of No Reservations. But the ol' gal didn't let the publicity get to her head. Instead, the barest bar in the glitzified East Village did nothing. No watermelon garnish. No craft brews. Just a bunch of almost-broken bar stools, a pool table, and cheap drinks. 507 E. 5th St.

Turkey's Nest Tavern Far away — at least in spirit — from Williamsburg's artisanal everything, Turkey's Nest is a no-frills slice of Bedford Avenue where absinthe margaritas and beer are served in giant Styrofoam cups. The sticky floor is a testament to just how many sloshed cups runneth over. In summer, McCarren Park's kickball players can be found sipping on discounted $1 PBRs. 94 Bedford Ave.

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