10 Best Pastry Shops in New York

10 Best Pastry Shops in New York

First, a complaint: we have way too many fantastic pastry shops in New York, and highlighting so few means some greatness is sure be excluded. But here are 10 delightful places to go eat pastries anyway. The list include some American cookie standards, sweet German riffs, and classic French viennoiserie, each with its own distinct style and strength.

Don't see a favorite of yours here? Show it some love in the comments, and don't forget to tell us what you like to order.

10 Best Pastry Shops in New York
Tejal Rao

10. Annaliese's Pastries This quiet little bakery in Yorkville isn't much to look at, with its fake flower displays, peeling paint, and airbrushed shortcakes, but don't be fooled--the crisp raspberry bars of deeply browned puff pastry topped with a thin layer of jam and crumble are utter delights. And the ever-so-simple, heart-shaped Linzers with a tender, butter-rich cookie? They don't make 'em like that anymore. 1516 1st Avenue

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