10 Food-Related Sandy Revelations

10 Food-Related Sandy Revelations

He could be your new best friend.

Any disaster of Sandy's proportions elicits the usual thoughts about how fragile life is and how much we all must look out for each other. We leave such observations to those more philosophical than ourselves. Here's what we've learned from the hurricane in life's great Barclay's Center of food and drink.

10 Food-Related Sandy Revelations

Prop it open!

10. If the heat doesn't work and it's 45 degrees in your apartment, don't worry that the refrigerator doesn't work - simply leave the door open.

9. Eating grits every morning for breakfast is not a bad thing.

8. A Mexican bar without frozen margaritas is an even better Mexican bar.

7. If you can't see your food while eating it, the food doesn't taste any worse.

6. Sometimes scrounging for a meal in a half-empty cupboard is every bit as good as trips to the butcher, baker, and farmers' market to painstakingly assemble a meal.

10 Food-Related Sandy Revelations

No frozen margaritas today at Agave in the "Wet Village."

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