100 People Get Staph Infections from Gingerbread; Fast-Food Chains Try to Top the Double Down

At least 100 people have contracted staph food poisoning from eating tainted gingerbread houses sold at Whole Foods, according to the FDA. [TopNews]

After finding traces of cooked food on the fossilized teeth of Neanderthals, scientists now believe the Ice Age diet included cooked plants and meat. [Guardian]

Frito-Lay is entering the "natural" food product arena with a plan for converting 50 percent of its snacks to all-natural ingredients in 2011. [USA Today]

Cornell researchers are working on a commercial 3-D food printer that will enable users to print meals off the internet using raw-food ink syringes. [Mother Nature Network]

The city's New Business Acceleration Team is a pilot program aimed at helping restaurateurs through the red tape of setting up a business. [NY Times]

Fast-food chains have calorie-heavy plans for 2010, with Burger King's 1,310-calorie Ultimate Breakfast Platter and Cinnabon items at Taco Bell. [LA Times]

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