2nd Ave Deli Sued for Gutbomb; A Bun in Donatella Arpaia's Oven

The 2nd Ave Deli is being sued by Arizona-based Heart Attack Grill for trademark infringement due to its "Instant Heart Attack Sandwich." [Reuters]

For the past year, the Family Life Academy Charter School in the Bronx has served fresh food in the cafeteria, prepared by a professional chef, to teach kids about healthy eating. [NY Times]

Sam Sifton dishes on life as a food critic: Apparently, the downside is not getting to be a regular anywhere. [Forbes]

Luke Holden and Ben Conniff, of Luke's Lobster, who have been expanding like wildfire, sometimes get stalked by lady lobsterman groupies. [NY Post]

Could Donatella Arpaia's recent wedding have been of the shotgun sort? The restaurateur has announced that she's pregnant. [NY Post]

It's rumored that Bagatelle is reopening at One Little West 12th Street, and that the restaurant is getting launched in Los Angeles. [NY Post]

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