3 Good Things: Anisette, Blueberries, Tumblr

1 Tumblr interviews the Brooklyn writer and comedian Anita Serwacki, who runs Meat Crimes, a blog about meat-crime news: "I have never personally boosted meat items or ham-clobbered someone in anger. However, when I was growing up, we did regularly dine on what I called 'garbage bag steaks.'" [Storyboard]

2 A gentle reminder from Nadia Arumugam that a blueberry cobbler, made with the native wild fruit, is a far better way for the baker to celebrate July 4 than an apple pie. [Forbes]

3 Oh hey, licorice-lovers, it's a very good day to drink a tongue-numbing anisette on ice. Just add water. [Eatocracy]

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