3 Good Things: The Future of Food

1 Slate's Future of Food special has a bunch of great stories including how sci-fi writers imagined agriculture in space, the sustainability of seaweed and bugs, and notes on the kitchens of tomorrow. [Slate]

2 A collaboration between Isabella Rossellini and Burt's Bees doesn't sound immediately enticing, but much like her series of whimsical sex videos, this video about worker bee life is an utter delight. [YouTube]

3 This snippet of early margarine history from the author of The Austerity Kitchen: "Sometime in the 1860s the enterprising French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès made an important discovery. He took a pound of beef tallow soaked beforehand in a solution of 15 percent common salt and 1 percent sulfate of soda, slowly rendered it at 103 degrees Fahrenheit, poured in gastric juices of a pig, and sprinkled it with biphosphate of lime. This curdled mixture he spun in a centrifuge before adding a splash of cream. The resulting opalescent, jelly-like substance tasted much like butter." [Dissent via Boing Boing]

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