5 Best Things To Eat at Ootoya

5 Best Things To Eat at Ootoya

What's that white stuff splatting the top of my soba?

This week Counter Culture yams its way into Ootoya, a Japanese chain restaurant that's been compared to Denny's. (Don't worry, it's way better than that.) Here are some of the things my friends and I enjoyed at this reasonably priced set-meal destination, where less than $20 gets you a voluminous meal with all the trimmings.

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5. Tsunami Tororo Soba (above) -- This serving of soba (for $8!) features a smothering cloud of whipped white Japanese yam, for lube, with a soy dipping sauce on the side.

5 Best Things To Eat at Ootoya

4. Katsudon -- Nothing better for lunch than katsudon, a pristine and perfectly breaded pork cutlet atop rice mired in egg and scallion and drizzled with a sweet and salty sauce.

5 Best Things To Eat at Ootoya

3. Gyu Tan Shiokoji -- Mmmm, tender marinated beef tongue, sliced thin, grilled, and strewn with lemon slices. This delectable dish would be appreciated almost anywhere in the world.

5 Best Things To Eat at Ootoya

2. Tsukune Yakitori -- That glistening baton you see on the right is composed of ground chicken, glorious in its plainness and downright delicious. The egg yolk is to dip it in, after you whip the yolk with your chopsticks.

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5 Best Things To Eat at Ootoya

1. Tori Aji -- Broiled fatty jack mackerel with all the fixin's, including pumpkin, hijiki, rice, and grated daikon

5 Best Things To Eat at Ootoya

Spread the daikon right on the mackerel before you eat the fish. No kidding!

Ootoya 8 West 18th Street 212-255-0018

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