A Brief Guide to Some "Gay" Foods Around Town

Shrimp tempura apparently equals gay.
Shrimp tempura apparently equals gay.
Sifu Renka/Flickr

What better way to celebrate Gay Pride week than by eating some gay foods? But what, exactly, constitutes gay food? Honestly, there isn't such a thing. So let's just go by name alone. Behold some of the city's "gay" dishes. Whether the gay refers to sexual preference or a sentiment of joy can be left up to you to decide.

At the Central Café and Deli (16 Vanderbilt Avenue, 212-687-6700), you can get the Gay Paris sandwich, which comes stuffed with turkey, ham, swiss, watercress, honey, dijon mustard, and tomato on a croissant.

Hana Food (534 Metropolitan Avenue, 718-218-7747), meanwhile, offers the Gay Boy sandwich, which is a wrap filled with egg, vegan bacon, vegan cheese, avocado, sprouts, and sun-dried tomato. But this name was too offensive for the store's larger Bushwick location, Hana Natural. There, it's called the Garden Boy.

And finally, should you be in a sushi mood, you'd want to check out the Gay Roll at Masamoto (88 West 3rd Street, 212-777-8808), which features shrimp tempura and cucumber inside the roll, with spicy shrimp caviar crunch on top. Who knew sushi could be gay!

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