A Dispute Over Microdistilling; Mean Drunk Gene Found

Clay Risen calls out a New York Times article on craft distilling for inaccuracies, saying that he has "yet to sample a craft whiskey that comes close even to Jim Beam's most basic offering." [Atlantic Food]

Punch has knocked cocktails off the menu at the Drink in Williamsburg. You can still get an individual cocktail there, but they're not the focus. [Diner's Journal]

A recent study looks at the link between drinking and monogamy. Apparently, monogamous societies drink more -- perhaps to escape the boredom. [NY Times]

The 27-year-old model girlfriend of 46-year-old beer heir August Busch IV was found dead of a possible drug overdose at his home in a St. Louis suburb. [NY Post]

The Orthodox Church of Cyprus is outraged that KEO beer, of which it's a part owner, was featured in an American porno film. [TimesLive]

Scientists may have isolated the gene that makes one a mean drunk. Male carriers of a variant of the HTR2B gene apparently get violent when they drink. [Asylum via Alcademics]

Six people have been arrested and several wineries shut down in the Chinese wine region of Changli county, a/k/a "China's Bordeaux," after tainted wine was discovered. [Huffington Post]

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