A Glut of Wheat; The Scourge of Tip Jars

Fast-food chains are recovering from a difficult winter of poor sales with the new season. McDonald's, Wendy's, and Domino's have all seen a spike since the start of spring. [Forbes]

Meanwhile, Wall Street analysts say that the restaurant industry's recovery officially started in March, with casual-dining chains like Olive Garden and Red Lobster profiting. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Are tip jars the latest scourge? Tip jars can now be found at the movie-theater concession counter, McDonald's, certain street vendors, and the gym locker room. [NY Post]

A Manhattan man is growing the world's hottest chili in his upper West Side apartment. Naga jolokia - nicknamed the ghost chili - holds the Guinness World Record for heat. [NY Daily News]

With interest in rabbit way up in recent months, a roundup of the best bunny dishes includes Buttermilk Fried Rabbit at I Trulli, Rabbit and Prune Terrine at The Breslin. [NY Post]

You can now recycle glass and plastic bottles and cans at all Target locations, and your old wine corks at all Whole Foods stores. [USA Today]

With the biggest wheat glut in nearly a decade, every farmer in the country could leave every acre unplanted and still have a surplus of the grain. [BusinessWeek]

Yet another article weighs in on the importance (versus irrelevance) of critics in a world full of bloggers. [Washington Post]

Amy Cao of AmyBlogsChow.com is a self-proclaimed food blogger who can't cook known for her "Stupidly Simple Snacks" videos. [NY Daily News]

Ajna Bar, formerly known as Buddha Bar, has reopened with a temporary liquor license following accusations by the former owners of mob dealings. [NY Post]

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