A History of Banned Drinks; Mike Tyson to Launch Kosher Resto Chain

Sen. Charles Schumer has called for a ban on reusable grocery bags because some contain "five times the allowable limits for lead." [NY Post]

A total of 11 out of 28 Bronx bodegas were caught in a sting selling the controversial caffeinated cocktail in a can Four Loko to minors. [NY Post]

Meanwhile, to put the issue in perspective: a history of banned drinks. Remember when people thought absinthe could make you crazy? [Salon]

Delta Air Lines's new dining options at John F. Kennedy International Airport include not only big-name chefs like Andrew Carmellini and Jason Denton but also iPads. [Crain's]

Did Italian pasta come from China? According to Italian chefs in Hong Kong last week for the 2010 Italian Cuisine World Summit, hell no. [Wall Street Journal]

Former boxing heavyweight champ Mike Tyson is in talks to launch a high-end restaurant chain. Tyson, now a strict vegan, hopes to break into the kosher-food business. [FOX Sports]

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