A&P Files for Bankruptcy; 'The Next Great Kosher Chef' Rocks Long Island City

A roundup of nogs and glöggs includes Baltimore Eggnog at Millesime and spicy Indonesian-accented glögg at Aquavit. [NY Post]

The troubled supermarket chain A&P has filed for Chapter 11. The company has struggled since buying Pathmark in 2007 for $679 million. [NY Times]

Walmart, which is quickly becoming the go-to affordable source of fresh food in food deserts around the country, is trying once again to enter New York City. [NY Times]

An all-kosher cooking competition called "The Next Great Kosher Chef" took place in Long Island City this past weekend, sponsored by the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts. [NY Times]

In Chicago, where food can't be altered once it's on a truck and food trucks can't park within 200 feet of a restaurant, mobile cooks sell their goods in back alleys, like drugs. [Wall Street Journal]

Metromix has named George Mendes of Aldea its Chef of the Year 2010. [Metromix]

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