Adult Chocolate Milk Futhers the Booze-in-Kid-Food Trend

School would have been better with this in the lunchbox.
School would have been better with this in the lunchbox.
Adult Chocolate Milk/

Fork in the Road is ever so dedicated to bringing its readers absurd alcoholic products. Four Loko. Whipped Lightning. CREAM. Somehow, though, Adult Chocolate Milk slipped through the cracks. But here it is, better late than never, the newest addition to the batch.

According to the New York Daily News, Adult Chocolate Milk was created by California mom Tracy Reinhardt, who mixed up a batch of vodka and chocolate milk one evening and reported it delicious on her Facebook status. She and an old high school bud who saw her status update formed the Adult Beverage Co., which is committed to boozing up even more childhood favorites -- including orange cream, fruit punch, and limeade. The products can be ordered online, and they even have Ginuwine as a spokesperson! But why you need to spend $23.99 to combine vodka and chocolate milk when you can buy the items separately for about $15 remains unknown.

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