Adult Foodies Go to Farm Camp; Growing Dining Trend: 'Linner'

Egon Ronay, the Hungarian food critic who helped shape British culinary culture, has died at the age of 94. He had been ill for a number of weeks, but never fully retired. [Guardian]

Parade Publications is planning to introduce a new food newspaper magazine and website called Dash, with the tagline "Simple. Fast. Delicious." [NY Times]

Joan Rivers, the subject of a new documentary, names her favorite places in the city, including Theater District mainstay Joe Allen, Michael's, and Viand Coffee Shop. [NY Post]

Farm Camp, a getaway for adults that teaches everything from chicken slaughtering to pig castration, has hosted the chefs from Jean Georges and Savoy. [NY Times]

Rockaway Tacos chef Andrew Day Field says the Rockaway Beach taco stand sells about 50 pounds of fish tacos per weekend. [Wall Street Journal]

Spotted Pig, Stand, and Plein Sud are among restaurants that now serve "linner," a meal between lunch and dinner, usually with its own special menu items. [NY Post]

In his new book, Medium Raw, Anthony Bourdain advocates telling your child that Ronald McDonald "smells like poo" to trick her into shunning the fast-food chain. [Guardian]

A strong U.S. team and the increased popularity of soccer means restaurants across the country are looking to boost sales during the World Cup by opening at odd hours for matches. [Nation's Restaurant News]

What is a good pairing for gelato? Ten-Year-Old Laphroaig, Plageoles Muscadelle from France, or Primitivo Quiles Fondillón Gran Reserva Sola 1948 from Spain. [Wall Street Journal]

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