Alan Harding Reveals the Menu at Forthcoming Hot Bird Food Truck (and, Yes, There Will Be Chicken)

Hot Bird wheels.
Hot Bird wheels.

New details have emerged about the food truck that will be parked outside Hot Bird, a new bar on Atlantic Avenue in Clinton Hill. Chef Alan Harding gives Fork in the Road an exclusive sneak peak at the menu.

"Should be up and running in next couple of weeks," he writes in an email. "The truck is ready, just need to get the final inspection from the city."

The first draft of the menu is ambitious, and Harding admits that it will likely be pared down once he sees what works best. But be assured, there will be chicken. Only not the fried bird that has become ubiquitous on trendy menus. Instead, Harding has opted for rotisserie.

The menu ...




PICKLED SAMPLER assorted homemade pickles (ramps, haricot vert, radish etc) 4

FRITO PIE masa chips with chili, Requesón, jalepenos 5

CHILI OF THE DAY cup of cow, pig, turkey or veggie 3

DOGGERY our Würst is from HOFMANNS SAUSAGE of Syracuse NY, since 1879

SNAPPY on a potato roll with Dusseldorf mustard 3

BROTWURST best of the würst w/ local juniper kraut 4

VEGGIE BEER BRAT Genesee Cream Ale braised vegan bratwurst w/Thai chili chow chow 4

KNOCK-MI split Jubilat Knockwürst w/ pickled carrot and radish, cilantro mint 5

THE CHILI classic dog w/ choice of chili, aged NYS Cheddar, chopped red onion 4


THE CLAW our famous lobster roll (limited quantity daily) 15

MOMO chick pea polenta, griddled w/ rosemary on a soft roll w/ grated Pecorino & basil flecked fresh ricotta 6

SURFER ROSA charred salmon soft taco w/ corn salsa and cilantro aioli 5

BROODJE BAL Dutch inspired meatball sandwich on homemade sourdough roll w/ tangy Zaanse horseradish mayo 6

MOFONGO CHILI BOWL green plantain and yucca mashed and fried w/choice of chili 9

ROTISSERIE CHICKEN local free range chicken, brined with garlic and herbs and slow roasted 1/4 chicken hacked with fresh lime 6 1/2 chicken hacked with 2 sides 10 whole chicken on a platter, hacked, bunch of sides 15

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