[Almost] Perfect Job for Foodie Available

An unemployed friend reports that she stumbled on the perfect foodie job, and can't believe it hasn't already been filled. Here is the job description (the typos are all theirs):


Job Description

Anticipated employmet period: 02/25/09 to 12/17/09

Raises bees to produce honey and pollinate crops. Assemples beehives using handtools. Arranges with seller for purchase of honeybee colonies. Inserts honecombs of bees into beehives or induct wild warming bees into hires of prepared honeycomb frames. Place screen plug in hive entrance to confine bees and set hives using smoke pot or by placing carbonic acid soak pad over hive and to harvest honeycombs.

A benefit package may or may not be available. Request specific information from the employer.

We don't like the sound of "placing carbonic acid soak pad over hive" part, but what the hell? They also don't mention that you get to wear that weird white suit and the spaceman hood, which might be a deterrent to a claustrophobe.

But the inevitable drawback appears later in the Job Summary, in the synopsis part: a limited potential pay range of $9.70 to $9.70 an hour.

Job Summary State Job ID: NJ0741738 Job Title: Beekeeper State Agency: WORKFORCE NEW JERSEY Location: US - NJ, Fords, 08863 AJE Reference Number: 517379023 Job Start/End Date: not provided Job Type: Temporary Job Classification: Full Time Hours/Week: 40 hrs/week Salary Range: $ 9.70 - 9.70 per hour Education: Less than High School Required Degree/ Formal Training: not provided Required Licenses/ Certificates : not provided Experience: 0 months Company Homepage: not provided

Just in case you wondered where Fords, NJ is:

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Here's a link to the job.

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