American Fast-Food Chains Invade Russia; Eating Healthy Is (Gasp!) Expensive

The lowly pickle, now an American staple, was once reviled as a vinegary, garlicky Jewish immigrant import. [NY Times]

American fast-food chains have invaded Russia, where they can charge quite a bit more for food than in the U.S. [Business Insider]

The team behind 1Oak in Chelsea will take over the Light Group's 16,000-square-foot JET nightclub at the Mirage in Las Vegas. [NY Post]

A new study reveals that eating healthy, according to the new MyPlate initiative, can add at least $380 to one's annual grocery bill. [NBC News]

Kraft Foods has announced that it will split its company in two: one company for its U.S. grocery business and the other for its global snacks portfolio. [AFP]

New York's new kosher-labeling laws have been approved by the federal government, allowing producers and distributors to manage certification and not the state. [Reuters]

More than 2,000 people have been arrested and 5,000 businesses shut down as part of a food-safety crackdown in China. [Wall Street Journal]

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