American Teens Are Drinking the Hard Stuff; A Bad Barley Crop Could Lead to a Beer Price Hike

Bars around the city are introducing board games, like Trivial Pursuit and Operation, which are popular with the twentysomethings. [NY Post]

A new study shows that American teenagers who drink prefer hard liquor to beer. And, surprisingly, few are opting for wine coolers. [Wall Street Journal]

A poor year for Canadian and Australian barley production could force some brewers to increase prices. [Vancouver Sun]

Nary a marketing opportunity is passed up these days. Charlie Sheen's nutso tiger blood comment spurred sake maker TY KU to create a Tiger Blood cocktail. [People]

Melva Radcliffe, New Jersey's oldest resident, just turned 110. Her secret? She says she drinks a glass of whiskey a day. [CBS]

A penchant for ouzo does not come naturally to Americans. But you might learn to appreciate the stuff simply by adding water. [Washington Post]

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