Angelo Sosa Is a Man of Sizable Ambition

Angelo Sosa's plans for Xie Xie world domination aren't much of a secret: during a panel discussion at the StarChefs International Chefs Congress last September, he talked about wanting to take Xie Xie "global" to cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

But today, he provides a few more specifics: in an interview with Diner's Journal about his role as a contestant in the new season of Top Chef, Sosa says that his goal is "to exploit the Xie Xie concept and turn Xie Xie into an everyday brand." Which means expanding, perhaps, to Philadelphia, Washington, Miami, and Los Angeles. Sosa also admits he wants to become "a household name," and is working on a line of spices and has started a consulting company.

Revealing one's hunger for celebrity chefdom is, it must be said, somewhat off-putting. Although it's not nearly as off-putting as forcing your employees to sign gag orders to "protect" your restaurant's celebutard clientele.

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