Anita Lo Gets a Feng-Shui Boost at Annisa; Starbucks Launches Low-Cost Coffee Brand

Steve Cuozzo takes aim at bad hotel restaurants, listing the Fives at Peninsula, Arabelle at Plaza-Athenee, and Commodore Grill at Grand Hyatt among the worst offenders. [NY Post]

Despite being something of a "nonbeliever," Anita Lo hired a feng-shui consultant to help her redesign the interior of Annisa, which closed after a devastating fire last year. [Wall Street Journal]

Five Guys Enterprises was named the third fastest growing restaurant chain in the country based on its five-year growth rate. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Starbucks has plans to roll out a second, lower-priced coffee brand called Seattle's Best that would be sold in some 30,000 fast-food outlets, supermarkets, and cafés. [Wall Street Journal]

Paris Hilton, who once made love to a Carl's Jr. burger in a commercial, has announced that she is "not eating fast food anymore," in order to get her bikini body back. [US Magazine]

A childhood obesity task force led by Michelle Obama released a report that all but warns food companies to make healthier products. Otherwise, the government will interfere. [Reuters]

The CEO of Kraft, Irene Rosenfeld, has helped break the glass ceiling of compensation for female executives with her $26.3 million salary. [BusinessWeek]

A turf war between two halal vendors in the Bronx turned bloody when one vendor ambushed his competitor, assaulting and robbing him. [NY Post]

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