Another Rooftop Garden. On a Truck?

Another Rooftop Garden. On a Truck?

Telegraphing its greenness, the St. Louis food truck Lulu's Local Eatery is ready to sell you a sweet potato falafel.

Just how green can food trucks go? There they sit, belching diesel fumes into the torrid summer air as you wait in line for your overpriced-but-hip snack. Well, a St. Louis couple has hit on a way to make their truck greener -- by growing a garden on the roof of the vehicle, releasing at least a soupcon of oxygen into the atmosphere in the process.

The couple, behind Lulu's Local Eatery -- as the truck is called -- worked in organic farms in New Zealand and Australia, and returned to the Midwest intent on finding a way to green up their town with a local, organic, and sustainable agenda. While putting a garden on the roof of a restaurant is now de rigueur in certain types of establishments, this is the first time FiTR has heard of it being done on a truck.

The project was mounted via a Kickstarter campaign, though the couple is still accepting donations to improve on the project. The garden as currently constituted measures 7 X 2.5 feet, and one wonders if, as the truck flies down the road, if plants don't come flying off. We're sure they've managed to tether them securely.

Other menu items include soba noodle and Mexican quinoa bowls, power berry smoothies, and sweet potato fries.

[Thanks to @cardlyticsNYC for the link to the article in Feast St. Louis.]

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