At Tonight's CB3 SLA and DCA Licensing Committee Meeting...

As anyone who's attended Community Board 3's SLA/DCA Licensing Committee meetings over the last few months knows, these things tend to have less in common with actual meetings than Pay-Per-View cage matches.
Tonight's event, scheduled to kick off at 6:30 at the Jasa/Green Residence on East 5th Street, promises some smackdowns of its own. As Eater noted, residents of East 5th -- who have in the past mobilized against establishments ranging from Sasha Petraske's Mercury Dime to the sky-high middle finger known as the Cooper Square Hotel -- have already made clear their intent to protest a sidewalk cafe application from Thailand Cafe.

Other applications sure to draw scrutiny -- and possibly a screaming match or two -- include that of Koi Downtown, the upscale sushi chain planning to take over the Salvation Army shelter on the Bowery; Motorino, the lauded Williamsburg pizzeria whose owners have an eye on the Una Pizza Napoletana space; and Mason Dixon, the Essex Street bar that's drawn its share of noise complaints. Koi's already held a meet-and-greet with its new neighbors; they'll find out this evening if they won the battle for hearts and minds, or if it's just beginning.

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