Attention Mindless Consumers: Cupcake Vodka Is Born

Drink this? Um, no, thank you.
Drink this? Um, no, thank you.
Lauren Shockey

First, they said that pie was the new cupcakes; then, it was doughnuts. But we must face facts: Cupcakes are still cupcakes. The apparently immortal trend was capitalized upon by Cupcake Vineyards wines, which claims to be "the U.S.'s fastest growing $8+ wine brand in 2010." And now, the company is releasing -- wait for it -- cupcake vodka.

The "six-times distilled" spirit comes in four "super-premium" flavors, including Original, Chiffon, Devil's Food, and Frosting. What's even harder to swallow: In a press release, the vodkas are endorsed by a noted master sommelier and wine writer, who proclaims that they "capture purity of flavor to achieve a super-premium taste." For shame. Yes, we know there is a market for such products. But the thought of drinking -- or marketing -- such a thing makes us feel icky all over.

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