Baoguette and V-Nam Cafe Offer New York Yet Another Banh Mi Skirmish

Do not mess with Michael Huynh, or his banh mi.
Do not mess with Michael Huynh, or his banh mi.
Sarah DiGregorio

Almost a year ago to the day, Brooklyn offered us a banh mi feud between Hanco and Henry's, the latter of which was opened by a former employee of Hanco's and served a shamelessly identical menu.

And now this August has given us Baoguette vs. V-Nam Cafe.

The former is, obviously, Michael Huynh's chain, while the latter is the project of a former employee of both Baoguette and Bar Bao. According to Eater, V-Nam opened 10 days ago with a menu almost identical to that of Baoguette, and then closed after Huynh allegedly threatened the owner with a lawsuit. The place will supposedly reopen with a different menu, but that's not enough to keep Huynh from continuing to serve up some hot, steaming whup-ass by offering a steep discount to any V-Nam customers who come in to Baoguette with a V-Nam menu for the next 45 days. Advantage: Huynh.

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