Beer Companies Tap Latino Market; Hamptons Bar Sells More Beer Than Yankee Stadium

Big beer companies are looking to tap the Hispanic market. MillerCoors is rolling out bilingual packaging and sponsoring a Mexican soccer league; Anheuser-Busch is spending more on Spanish ads and sponsoring Cuban-American rapper Pitbull's fall concert tour. [Wall Street Journal]

Cocktail bar Dram in Williamsburg will be transformed into a dive bar called 86'd for a few days in July when all its star mixologists are in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail. [Diner's Journal]

Major League Baseball parks in the U.S. are offering more and more wine nowadays. Citi Field, for example, has six-ounce plastic bottles that come with a glass. [Reuters]

U.S. airlines are expanding their wine offerings. Delta has a master sommelier who consults on the inflight wine list; United and American also work with wine experts. [AP]

A new study reveals that Napa could be unsuitable for growing grapes for premium wines by 2040, and that Washington State could be prime wine country by then. [Decanter]

Boardy Barn in Hampton Bays, a huge open-air beer bar, sells more beer each Sunday than Yankee Stadium or Citi Field on a game day. [NY Post]

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