Best Craft Beer Apps; Mayor Bloomberg Admits to Icing His Beer

A review of craft beer apps reveals that Android users have the best options: the Beer Expert, Brewster, and Beer Map. iPhone users get to crow about Pintley. [NY Times]

Yet another study on the health benefits of red wine: Resveratrol can help boost the healing capacity of cancer-fighting drug rapamycin. [TopNews]

A new beer brewed in Rochester for California-based Winery Exchange Inc. is called Big Flats 1901, comes in a can, and costs just $2.99 for a six-pack. [Wall Street Journal]

Vandals chopped down a great-great-"grandparent" of the Grüner Veltliner vine in Austria, which had survived wars and illness for 500 years. [AP]

Mayor Bloomberg admitted he likes to drink his beer with ice, provoking the ire and disgust of beer geeks everywhere. [NY Post]

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