Best Inexpensive Restaurants of 2010; Putting Cocktails in Barrels

The Kraft-Starbucks kerfuffle continues: Kraft admits it "neglected" its relationship with the coffee chain, but still wants a court to force Starbucks to pay for ending the distribution pact. [Bloomberg]

And the roundups continue: Baohaus, the Commodore, and Pies 'n' Thighs are among the inexpensive restaurants that stood out this year. [NY Times]

The recent American Muslim Consumer Conference revealed the breadth of opportunities for food makers hoping to market to Muslims. [BusinessWeek]

Right on time, the Times notices that the Mangalitsa pig is popular and could be the next "it" porker. [NY Times]

The aged cocktail trend has finally found its way to New York. You can get an aged drink at Dram in Williamsburg and at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Roof Club. [NY Times]

In Anzola dell'Emilia, a gelato university attracts ice-cream-maker hopefuls from around the world who want to take the Italian tradition back to their homes. [Wall Street Journal]

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