Better Iced Coffee at Home; Culinary Camps for Kids

Family bakery Brooklyn Bread House in the Bronx has become an overnight success for being the only place in New York that sells lavash, a long, thin, chewy flatbread from Armenia. [NY Daily News]

Jamba Juice is pissed that McDonald's is now making fresh-fruit smoothies, especially now that the fast-food chain has reported its best sales numbers since January 2009. [Wall Street Journal]

Steve Cuozzo thinks you should be eating burgers on the Upper East Side, where Bistro Chat Noir, Swifty's, and the Mark by Jean Georges are all making great ones. [NY Post]

Most homemade iced coffee sucks, so manufacturers are selling several new systems and gadgets to improve it. Plus, energy-efficient cold-brewing is gaining ground. [Wall Street Journal]

Culinary camps for kids who grow up watching the Food Network are all the rage. And the chef-counselors say the campers are getting more sophisticated each year. [Wall Street Journal]

The Department of Health has altered its temperature rules for Peking duck, which hangs for hours in the windows of Chinese restaurants. [Wall Street Journal]

Todd English is putting his love troubles of the past year behind him to focus on his latest of 24 restaurants in operation. [NY Post]

So, what exactly is Guy Fieri's screaming-fan appeal? Perhaps it has something to do with his "Sarah Palin-like ability" to reach out to the everyday Joe. [NY Times]

It turns out that Wendy's is, in fact, looking to expand into Russia, as was previously rumored. The plan is for 180 locations over the next 10 years. [ABC News]

In case you haven't noticed, beer gardens are cropping up everywhere. The trend has coincided with the outbreak of modern speakeasies. [NY Times]

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