Bill Clinton, Restaurant Ambassador; Michelin Suspiciously Favors Japan

Forget the Michelin guide. For many restaurants around the world, the most impressive claim they can make is that Bill Clinton once ate there. [NY Times]

A man in Michigan is suing Heinz for stealing his idea for dippable ketchup packets. Heinz, of course, says the suit has no merit. [Diner's Journal]

Starbucks is expanding its mobile-phone payment system, which allows you to buy coffee from your smart phone, to nearly 300 stores in New York. [Nation's Restaurant News]

The Michelin guide is getting flack for favoring the Kansai region of Japan, which includes Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. Critics say it's a ploy to sell more guides and tires in Japan. [Wall Street Journal]

The Ladle of Love truck is seeking a parking space in Manhattan. Powered by an electric engine, it only goes 25 miles an hour, so it can't park in Brooklyn like other food trucks. [Diner's Journal]

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