Blue Collar's Fast Food-Style Burgers

Blue Collar's Fast Food-Style Burgers

Though I can't say I'm crazy about the name, I stopped in for a cheeseburger at Blue Collar, the new burger joint in Williamsburg from the Miller's Tavern team.

It may not look it, but this was a very fine fast food-style cheeseburger ($4.75). You know the kind: squishy and satisfying. With its thin, tender patty, browned on the edges, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and special sauce, it's reminiscent of an In-N-Out, right down to the way it's packed up to go in a paper box. I also tried a side of skinny, pale fries ($2.25), which were not so impressive, though I do know French fry-lovers who dig them exactly like this.

Which brings me to this question: does anyone love the burger *and* the fries at the same spot? Gchatting about burgers and fries late into the night, it seems like a lot of people have one favorite spot for burgers and then a different one for fries...

Blue Collar's Fast Food-Style Burgers

160 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn 347-725-3837

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