Bookkeeper Indicted for Stealing Nearly $100K from Masa

Rafael Thomas was hired as a bookkeper at Masa -- one of the city's most well-respected and ludicrously expensive Japanese restaurants -- in January, 2011.

According to a press release from the Manhattan District Attorney's office, a whole year went by before one of the restaurant's managers realized Thomas had added $34,000 to his base salary, "at times doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling his salary through unapproved wage increases."

The bookkeeper allegedly stole $96,000 from the restaurant over his year of employment, "manipulating and entering false information into the restaurant's payroll records," skimming approximately $44,000 in daily cash sales, and writing out corporate checks for phony expenses.

Thomas is being charged with one count of grand larceny and 20 counts of falsifying business records.


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