Booze News: Cocktails Save Korea's MakGeolli; A German-Accented Samuel Adams

Korea's oldest liquor, makgeolli, is a milky liquor that's lightly carbonated and sweet, a close cousin of sake. Koreans are rediscovering it, largely as a cocktail ingredient. [CNN]

Princeton has its own cocktail. The original Princeton Cocktail dates back to the late 1800s and called for Old Tom gin, but a recently adapted version incorporates dry gin, orange bitters, port, and a lemon twist for garnishing. [SF Chronicle]

The U.S.'s sweet wines should not be overlooked. Dolce has a big following, as do Quady's Essencia and Elysium. Oro Puro, developed from "noble rot" like Sauternes, and a late-harvest Zinfandel from Dashe Cellars are more obscure finds. [NY Times]

The Boston Beer Co., which makes Samuel Adams, is teaming up with a German brewery to jointly produce a new craft beer to be marketed in both Germany and the U.S. next year. The 10-percent-alcohol brew will be a champagne-like "crisp pale brew." [Denver Post]

There are two schools of Japanese bartending: the traditional and the contemporary. The first focuses on technique and flavor, while the second is all about innovation and ingredients, such as using passion fruit brulee. [The Atlantic Food Channel]

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