Bordeaux Makes a Comeback Among Wine Hipsters; Fiji Shifts from Water to Wine

In the era of the "hard shake" and big, dense ice, craft bartenders risk injury when shaking up a cold, frothy cocktail. [NY Times]

Making your own wine is all the rage with City Winery in Soho, Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg, and other DIY winemaking operations on Staten Island and in New Jersey. [NY Times]

The cool kids of the wine world are once again looking at Bordeaux after years of shunning it. [Wall Street Journal]

French president Nicolas Sarkozy is in India hoping to push French business and, in particular, get Indians drinking French wine. [Wall Street Journal]

In perhaps the best drunk-driving story ever, a man with a bottle of vodka on his front seat crashed his car right in front of Manhattan Criminal Court. [NY Daily News]

Fiji Water, which recently announced it would close its operations in Fiji, has acquired Justin Vineyards & Winery in Paso Robles, California. [Wall Street Journal]

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