Bourbon Boom Boosts Kentucky Distilleries; S.E.C. Stops Crowdsourced Buyout of PBR

Kentucky bourbon distilleries have spent at least $150 million expanding their facilities as demand for bourbon explodes in the United States and across the globe. [Daily Mail]

Ten of the city's best beer shops suggest 10 of their favorite brews. [Grub Street]

The SEC stops two ad execs from crowd-funding their buyout of hipster fave Pabst Brewing Company. [NY Times]

Paul Grieco of Terroir explains his never-ending quest to promote Riesling. [Feast TV]

Eco-conscious beer geeks can rest assured knowing that Kona Brewing Co. is meeting 60 percent of its energy needs with 990 solar panels located on its warehouse roof. [Honolulu Magazine]

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